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Tom Bombadil
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Encoding MOV to mp4

Hi, I was trying to encode a very short video to someone, since the mov file is pretty large, I encoded it to mp4 using ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -i movie.MOV -vcodec mpeg4  -b 750k  -acodec libmp3lame  movie.mp4
It encodes fine. But after I send it to someone, they said the file is somewhat corrupt.

On Macs, your video has no audio—on PC’s, it plays only with a special player or the audio is sped up to where it is unintelligible. Could you possibly resend it in a different format? We need it in a format playable on standard QuickTime or Windows Media.
I don't know what I am doing wrong. It plays fine on my computer. Of course, my computer is equipped with all the codecs necessary to play anime.

The following is their requirements.

Frame rate: 15 frames per second minimum
NTSC (4:3) size and frame rate, deinterlaced
Video Codec: MPEG2 or MPEG4 (MPEG4 preferred)
Video Bitrate: at least 260Kbps (750kbps preferred)
Audio Codec: MP3 vbr
Audio Bitrate: at least 70Kbps (128 Kbps preferred)
Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

Edit: It played fine in windows media player classic. When I use the media player that comes with windows, there was some problem. It has no sound, and it doesn't play. But the video changes when you drag the progress bar. This is indeed very strange.
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