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A Tinge of Ebony

(This is a sort of restart of my other writing on this forum: Azure Chains. The chapters I wrote didn't really satisfy me, and I wrote it kind of messily. This is my attempt to write it at a better pace and really go the directions I wanted to. Sorry to the two people on the forum who might have actually liked what I wrote in Azure Chains xD)


A swirling and endless cosmos stretches overhead. Stars in the sky blink and fly through space overhead, seeming to dance a dance that no human could ever understand. I sit in an empty field of grass and gaze up above, letting my mind dissect details of my current situation that I have trouble grasping. It feels as if I have just woken up after a very long slumber, and I feel so very groggy.

My name is Lux. Once I make that singular recollection everything else seems to rush into my mind at once. I remember everything, down to the most minute details. An angel who has sworn allegiance to the Lord above to serve him until the end of time. Flashes of numerous friendships and relationships I've had with various angels and humans play in my head and make my heart flutter.

"Oh, these memories..." I whisper to myself softly as I slowly get onto my feet.

With vigorous determination, I start walking in the direction that the pale moon looms. Oh, how I adore the moon. Its shine coats the night in a brilliant light like no other. It is the main reason I love the nights down here on Earth. They are peaceful and beautiful and just a little bit dangerous. At least to beings without celestial powers.

Before long, I make my way to a forest that is densely covered in trees. I work my way through carefully but swiftly and soon reach a vast circular clearing that seems to soak in all the moonlight around. A light breeze blows through, rustling the grass that surrounds me in every direction. In this unique glow, the grass looks dyed a light blue instead of its normal bright green. I take a moment to breathe and enjoy the scents and views of night.

In my time of indulgence, I hear the crunching of branches just to my left. The source of that sound must be the reason I'm here! I came here in order to find a fellow angel that I was told enjoys spending his free time in this forest. I must say that he has rather good taste, as even I enjoy the scenery here.

At a slight jog, I take off in the direction that I heard the noise. My weary old bones ache a bit when I push myself, but I ignore the discomfort and press on. Just southeast of the clearing I was just in is another much smaller clearing that is littered with the stumps of trees long gone. Sitting on one of the makeshift stools is the person I came here in search of. His back is facing me, and he is playing a small harp.

I wince slightly when he starts singing. He could really do with some more practice. Though I suppose that is why he does it here where there is normally noone to listen to him. I put those thoughts in the back of my mind and start sneaking up behind him. After all, it wouldn't do to have him know of my presence before I'm done. Done doing what will certainly be the first act of a drastic change.

One last step before I am directly behind the other angel. His huge white wings flap slightly, an act that angels only perform when in true bliss. Without a second thought, I quickly grab both of his wings and pull with all my strength. He lets out a loud cry of surprise and pain, but I tear them both off before he can do anything to retaliate. The pain must be too much for him, because he collapses immediately onto the cold forest ground. I smile and look down at the crippled angel in front of me, holding his wings high above my head. A massive stream of blood falls down on my head, and I let out a laugh that echoes throughout the entire forest.
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Chapter 1: Hunter

Heavy winds blow up whirling clouds of sand that blanket the entire town that lies before me. It always gets this way around high noon. We have learned to deal with it, though I was unlucky enough to be out just long enough to get caught in it. These sandstorms have never been particularly deadly, but damn are they unpleasant. I keep a hand over my eyes and slowly trudge through in the direction of the closest house.

Noone with even a shred of sanity would be out during this time of day, so I'll have to sit somewhere within the village once I get there. Once I reach the building I could barely see before the storm started, I lean against it and slowly sit down. As long as I sit on the side opposite of the wind direction, I am fairly safe from the violently flying sand. I was supposed to meet a man just outside the village for some information, but he never showed. The time of the meeting should've been a red flag to me. I guess I learned my lesson.

This village has a population of just under fifty people. Not a single thing is hidden from another resident. There is trust and a sense of family here which always puts me at ease. When outside the village all alone, the world is scary. But here, even when everyone else are in their safe houses, I am comforted. When this village was first founded and named Shirou, we were all wary of each other. Though in the past year, we are all closer than we would've ever thought.

My thoughts are confirmed once the storm dies down and everyone exits their houses. Everyone waves and chats, smiling all the while. It warms my heart. I get up and brush the stray sand off of my brown cloak and clothes. My cloak covers my arms in order to protect them, but I can easily push them outwards if I need to use them. I wave at the people I pass as I make my way to the building in the middle of Shirou. It is made of hardened sandstone like every other house in the village, though this one towers above alll the rest. This is essentially the information hub of the village and the home of our leader, Kage.

Kage is a kind man who serves as the beacon of hope to everyone in Shirou. He says he was born in Japan and that his name means "shadow." It was him who told me to go out and meet the man who didn't show up. This is one of the few times that information Kage gave me was false, so I'm not too upset. Kage never lets his guard down, and he constantly tries his best to protect every single soul in the village. I have had immense respect for him since the very first time I laid eyes on him.

"Oh, you're safe! I'm so glad," Kage's deep voice soothes me as I enter the information building.

"Well, of course. I've braved the storms a few times before," I reply, letting out a soft laugh. He wraps his arms around me, and my face flushes a bright red.

"Rose, I'm sorry," Kage says, his arms still wrapped tightly around me. "I should've known that man wouldn't show. He came by while you were gone. Please forgive me."

I politely push Kage away from me and tell him that I don't mind at all. His hug surprised me. It has been such a long time since I have gotten a hug. It was nice, just unexpected. Kage doesn't seem to understand my slight discomfort and just continues talking. He has a bad habit of focusing on himself too much when focused.

"Anyway, now that the storm is over, I regret to say that you have to venture out again. The man I wanted you to meet has given me an exact location of the source of these horrible sandstorms. He approached the area but was much too terrified to get too close. Rose, it is time for your first real Hunt."

The last word he says makes my eyes light up. Most of the able-bodied men go on hunts outside the village to find food and to kill the monsters that skulk around the outskirts of Shirou. I am the only woman who wanted to go through rigorous weapon training in order to be of some use, but I have rarely been outside the village, let alone on an important hunt. This was going to change that. I was finally going to be of some use to my fellow villagers.

"I'll go get ready!" I shout with excitement. "Who will be going with me?"

"I will," Kage says calmly.

My very teacher will be the one to accompany me. With him by my side, I know that I'll be safe if my first taste of real danger turns sour. Oh, how I've dreamt of this day. At his request, I go back to my house to pack the provisions I will need on my important journey. I line the inside of my cloak with a few water canteens and strap my weapons to my sides. Two daggers sheathed in short brown scabbards that curve slightly. I step out of my house and walk proudly towards the north edge of Shirou where Kage said he would be waiting for me. This will surely be a day I remember for the rest of my life.
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Chapter 2: Crimson Hunger

With everything I think I will need stuffed into a small bag that I clutch onto tightly, I make it to the edge of town and spot Kage. He montions with his hands to hurry. I take off at full speed, my long red hair at the mercy of the wind. My speed is what Kage always complimented about me. Both my running speed and the speed at which I strike with my daggers. I have a feeling he just wanted me to run in order to gauge exactly how fast I can go right now.

"Whoa!" I yell as I speed right passed him when I try to halt myself. I shift my momentum with my legs and launch myself in the opposite direction. I stop properly this time and pant for a good minute.

"A bit overzealous, huh?" Kage muses. "Are you excited, dear girl?"

"Yes. I'm excited to finally bear the fruits of my training." I rasp breathlessly.

"While I understand your excitement, this is serious. If the source of the sandstorms is what I fear, then this will be very dangerous. Promise me you will be cautious, Rose."

I nod honestly. Being talked to like that would most like upset most women in their early twenties like me, but I know it isn't condescending. Kage is a man who cares like a loving parent. I'm not sure if he has ever had a child, though he would make an excellent father. With his warning, we depart to the north.

"Do you believe there are any people in the world who survived other than the people in Shirou?" Kage asks suddenly after we make our way up a massive sand dune. His question surprises me.

"There must be. I mean, the world is massive. There can't be just a small village of people left in the world, right?"

"Very optimistic of you, Rose..." His voice trails off solemnly.

Kage's response is very out of character. While I understand pessimism in a situation so grim, Kage is usually quite positive. Noone knows exactly what caused the world to grow so barren of life. A little over a year ago, there was a bright flash that blinded me through the window I was staring out of. I passed out, along with my dad, and I awoke in the middle of the desert I now call my home. From there, I met the equally confused and scared people who soon became the residents of Shirou. We haven't met any other person in the time since we all awoke.

I'm snapped out of my reminiscing thought process by a startled gasp. Kage's face is full of astonishment. I follow his gaze and find out why. A swirling vortex of sand extends high into the sky. Directly in the center of the tornado is a black structure around the height of a normal house. There are no windows, and I can just barely make out a door through the swirling sand.

"It would appear this is the place. Hard to believe we have never ventured out this far in this direction to see it."

We stare in awe at the vortex. Kage then starts walking towards it. I hesitantly follow. A chill runs down my spine when I look at the black structure, one that makes me wish with all my being that I could turn back immediately. But this is my first mission. I can't leave my teacher behind on my first chance to prove myself. Swallowing my fear, I trail behind Kage until we are so close to the vortex that I have to struggle to keep my footing.

"What do we do now? I couldn't walk another step if I tried." I shout over the roar of the vortex.

"Take my hand."

His request baffles me, but I obey. As soon we clasp hands, he rushes forward. I am dragged along like an awkward ragdoll as Kage braves the hellish winds. I feel the little skin that is exposed through my clothes get ravaged with cuts, but after a moment of pain, I fall directly in front of the door to the black building. Kage stands next to me, panting and nursing the cuts that line his face.

"What did you just do?" I ask breathlessly.

"Something reckless. I apologize, Rose. But we made it through in one piece even if you lost your bag of supplies." Kage says in a playful manner.

I don't care about my bag that must've gotten torn to shreds, I'm too busy stopping the bleeding of my various wounds. A loud creaking fills the air. I see Kage opening the pure black door and regain my composure. We both walk through and emerge in a massive dark room. I try to take in my surroundings, but I can't see a thing. Right as I prepare to ask Kage if he can see anything, a dim light switches on.

Then we see it. As far as we can see, the walls are painted a very deep red. It isn't until I hear a loud dripping noise that I see the red paint oozing. That isn't paint, it's blood! The sickening stench of death fills my nostrils, a scent I have never experienced before. It brings me to my knees. I see the same thing happen to Kage. I slowly get to my feet and walk forward.

After the initial shock, I can think clearly. I examine everything around, now fully visible. Kage shouts something behind me, but I can't hear him. I feel drawn to the hallway stretched out in front of me. Drawn to the walls deeper in. Drawn to the blood and viscera strewn across the walls. I take slow steps down the hallway in seach not of the blood that now seems so appealing to me but in search of what has made me feel this way.
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It brings me to my knees. I see the same thing happen to Kage. I slowly get to my feet and walk forward.
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(Huh? Why the copied lines, hbn?)

Chapter 3: Angels

I come back to my senses, dazed and weary. I take a quick glance around and see no more blood. I'm in a linear hallway with a door right in front of me. Swallowing my confusion for now, I open the door and walk through. Darkness greets me, accompanied by the sound of rushing wind. The door behind me closes violently.

"Ha. To think I would stumble into another one here..." A voice calls out. It sounds feminine.

Steel. My daggers are already in my hands. I must've pulled them out at some point when I lost my vision. For the first time since I was given these beautiful blades, I see them emit a light blue glow that illuminates the area in my immediate vicinity. I steel myself. I sense danger in abundance here.

"What, you're just going to ignore me for those pitiful toothpicks you're holding? Brace yourself, you bitch!"

After that outburst, I hear frantic footsteps to my right. I turn to face the woman, holding my blades outward. A hand, or more like a claw, flashes by my face, but I react instantly and swipe it away with my right blade. I look in front of me and see the woman who was talking and the source of the claw that almost took one of my eyes. She looks about my age, with a very sultry body shape. She is dressed in an elegant purple dress that drags along the ground behind her. A sick smile is painted on her lips.

"Are you the one who smeared walls of the enterance with blood?" I ask sharply.

"What if I am?" The woman asks smugly, licking blood off of her hand that must be from a prior victim.

Almost in a flash of her powers and abilities, the woman changes the shape of her hand from a human hand back to the grotesque claw that swiped at me moments before. Each finger looks sharp enough to easily butcher a human being savagely. I've seen some horrifying monsters that stalk the desert oustide of the village before, but none could freely change shape like this. Though, that claw looks very similar to that of the beasts I HAVe seen...

"What are you?"

"Finally talking back, huh? Well, my name is Carmella for one." Carmella laughs, amused by her own answer.

"Not WHO are you, WHAT are you?" I'm still on edge. For all I know, deflecting her blow once could've been a fluke.

"An angel."

I stare in disbelief. I was never much of a religious woman, but there is no way that such a scantily-clad monster could be an angel if they were real. The smile on her lips grows wider. I take a step forward before Carmella strikes again. This time I jump to the side to avoid and take another leap to try and strike her side. I pierce the skin in her side and slash downwards. Blood sprays forth as I leap back and get into a defensive stance. Strangely, she let me cut her with no resistance.

"Do you know anything about angels, you unsightly woman? Mortal weapons do nothing to us," As she says this, the wound on her side miraculously closes up. "I've been keeping an eye on you, Rose."

"How do you know my name?" I shouldn't keep questioning this monster, but I can't help it.

"Like I just said, I have been watching you. Honestly I'm glad you showed up here with that idiotic leader of yours. Seeing your pure ignorance always irritated me. I was so close to wiping that whole village clean just to teach you a lesson."

She lunges forward without giving me a chance to respond. I am caught off guard and fall backwards. Her hands, now both monsterous claws, whiff right over my face. I don't even get a chance to catch my breath before she pulls me up to my feet and punches my stomach.

"Idiots like you make my temper flare. You don't even know what you are." Again, her words baffle me, but she continues anyway. "Let me show you."

She rears back one of her arms and thrusts it forward with all her might. I feel her cut deep into my thigh, causing me to cry out in pain. Blood pours down my leg, and I threaten to lose consciousness. Right before I feel myself start to drift off, a jolt bolts me back awake. Two large wings sprout from my back. They are dyed a deep black and wrap themselves around me. Massive black feathers fall down to the ground as I unfurl them with extreme force. I look to the smiling Carmella with both awe and newfound determination.
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Chapter 4: Featherfall

Power surges through me. This is a feeling that is vastly different than endorphines coursing through me when on the verge of death. This is tangible energy that I can actually feel. I look back to Carmella after admiring my wings and see that she has extended her wings as well. I'm not sure if she had them furled beneath her dress of if she can actually retract them into her body. One thing I am sure of, however, is that she has gotten a boost of power since showing them.

"You don't seem as surprised as I thought you'd be for someone so clueless." Carmella's face twitches in annoyance.

"Don't get me wrong, this is pretty shocking. But I'm too busy focusing on this power that I'm gonna use to beat the shit out of you." I'm never quite this crass, but my life is at stake and I am utterly disgusted by the presence of this woman.

"So the ignorant brat has fangs after all. I really shouldn't harm you too badly here, though if you come after me first..."

As soon as her voice trails off, I launch myself in her direction. The use of my wings feels completely natural. I flap them to lightly fly above the floor and pick up speed. I focus on the shape of Carmella's large black wings and tightly grip my daggers. I swipe with them both as soon as I get close to her, but she swats them aside and lunges a claw towards my wings. I spin my body around and kick her in the chest to push myself away back onto the ground.

Scanning the ground in search of my daggers, I realize that the whole room is visible. I never noticed any lights come on, so this must be a side-effect of my newfound power. My daggers lie directly in front of me, but I dare not take my focus off of Carmella. Her eyes glow a bright crimson and seem to tear my very soul out whenever they meet mine.

"Nice reflexes you have there. I would give up on getting those weak blades back if I were you. They are useless on our kind, remember?" Carmella's voice is condescending, her emotions a mix of excitement and annoyance.

Carmella takes five slow steps my way. Her footsteps echo throughout the room, seeming to match my heartbeat. Her body is then enveloped in a bright white glow that veils her entirely. Its blinding radiance blinds me for what seems like minutes. I audibly gasp when it dissipates. Her attire has changed from a long dress to light armor dyed a dark purple that matches her curled hair. She holds a long rapier in her right hand that has its point in my direction.

"Maybe it is a bit early to bring out my Winged Edge, but you desrve a challenge. To see if you have what it takes."

"How the hell did you do that? This is unreal." I take a few steps back. Her power has become an actual force that almost brings me to the ground.

"This is a weapon that I use to enforce my love of God...Or, it was until he forsake this world. Now it is just the weapon that will end your life if you can't summon your own Winged Edge." As she says this, I can't help but gawk at the sheer white brilliance of the sword she is holding. I notice that there are white marks of feathers on the handle of her blade, much different than her black wings that are similar to mine.

"Y'know, I never much believed in any God. And that was further cemented once the world was put into the sorry state it is in. Sorry, but I have no love of God." I ball my delicate hands into fists in order to prepare for our inevitable exchange.

Steel again. The room is briefly lit up by another bright light. When the lighting returns to normal, I feel the familar presence of small weapons in my hands. Yet these are not my normal dull blades, these are ornate curved daggers with metal ebony feathers that jut out of the handles over my fingers. Much like the power I have felt course through me since my wings sprouted, I feel the same kind of power flow in these blades. Carmella looks startled, but she wipes her face clean of any emotion and leaps toward me.

I stop her rapier with my daggers and force it to her side. I then use this opening to slash at her side again. This time she cries out in pain and stumbles to her knees. I strike at her head, but she quickly bats my hand away and stabs at my face in retaliation. I twist my body away, but she cuts my cheek. The pain that follows is a burning that I have never felt before. These weapons must be fashioned to kill angels...To kill me.

"I'm going to make you regret that!" Carmella yells.

She attempts to strike at me again, but a hand to our side grabs her blade tightly. Both of us jump in surprise and look to the source of the hand that grabbed her blade. There stands a tall old man dressed in a black suit. His face is weathered by the years, his white hair slicked back. A smile graces his lips, and he looks directly at me. I'm thrown off by his presence. Behind his kind smile and warm eyes is an evil that shakes me to my core. This man is the embodiment of malice, and he is not five feet from me.
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Chapter 5: Noctral

"I believe introductions are in order, Rose." The old man says kindly.

No response comes to mind. Just looking into his cold blue eyes makes my whole body shiver. He releases the grip he has on Carmella's rapier. She shoots me a look full of menace and thrusts her sword my way again. The old man grabs it and forcefully pushes the hilt into Carmella's throat.

"What the hell?!" Carmella coughs painfully and spits up blood.

"I believe I stopped you for a reason. Rein in that uncouth attitude immediately or face punishment." His kind mask vanishes when he speaks these words with malice that I've not heard even from Carmella. "As I was saying, young Rose, I am Noctral. And you are familiar with the woman behind me."

"Yeah, she tried to kill me. Who are both of you, exactly?" I avert my eyes from Carmella's crumpled over figure and divide full attention to the old man, Noctral.

"We are angels. Carmella made you aware of your own status as an angel, albeit in a barbaric manner. I apologize for her behavior. She is normally quite reserved."

With how wild and murderous she was just moments earlier, I doubt Noctral's words. I hold my tongue and continue listenening in hopes to shed some light on the events that have transpired since my arrival in this strange building.

"Let me clear up the trifling matters that must be cluttering your mind. First, this is indeed the source of the sandstorms that have plagued your tiny village. And your mentor is still unconscious at the enterance," Noctral's words remind me that I left Kage behind. I suddenly feel terrible for forgetting about him, but he contiues. "Now, onto what truly matters."

"You must no doubt be confused about your powers. After all, you went your whole life not knowing of the dormant being that lived within you. Firstly, the color of your wings. When most people think of angels, they think of their wings being a radiant...white."

As he says the word "white," he summons his very own wings. They are indeed a bright white color. A very stark contrast to the wings of Carmella and I. I look back to my own dark feathers and down to the ebony blades that I hold in my hands.

"Does the color also have something to do with the color of these weapons?" I ask warily.

"Good work making a connection, Rose. Angelic weapons, Winged Edges, correspond to the soul of their weilders. Your soul is painted a dark black, young woman. Your weapons therefore reflect your sins." Noctral's lips twist into a sick smile.

"My sins? What sins?" If these two are any indication of all angels, they never say exactly what they mean.

"Angels who have commited murder paint their souls black."

His words make me start to sweat. Even after the world went to shit, I have never killed a person. Not even the desert animals for food. Could he be making this up? He must be.

"I've never killed anyone. Stop your lies." Looking at Noctral makes my heart sink, but I try to look as intimidating as possible.

"Winged Edges are forged within the very soul of our kind. As are our powerful wings. Look at yours and just try to deny your sins. The past catches up with everyone, you know." He laughs cruelly.

Noctral is then enveloped by the same bright light that covered Carmella and I before we summoned our weapons. When it disappears, he is wielding a giant crimson scythe as tall as he is. The scythe is dangerous. When I look upon it, I feel tears well in my eyes. I tear my eyes away and start to run. I've stayed here too long talking to people who obviously just want to confuse and kill me.

"Ah ah, not so fast." Noctral muses.

I hear his footsteps behind me. In the blink of an eye he is in front of me. I frantically try to run the other way, but he grabs me by the collar of my armor. He extends his scythe and expertly cuts the air behind me. He kicks me away from him, in the direction of the area which he cut.

"I will see you again, Rose. Don't die on me in there, okay? I need you to survive." His words confuse me until I turn around after being pushed.

A great yellow rift lies before me. As I peer deep into it, all I see is swirling yellow light. This portal is unlike anything I have ever seen, and admiring it causes me to let down my guard for a few moments. I feel a push on my back, causing me to stumble forward. Unable to stop myself, I plunge headfirst into the strange rift. The only sound I hear as I delve into this portal is the dark laugh of Noctarl behind me, mocking me.

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Chapter 6: Crimson Gleam

Desolate is the only word that can describe the scenery of the place that rift took me. Towering ivory trees dot the terrain, growing from dark black sand. The colors of the white trees and black sand mix together into a dark grey that extends for miles. This monotonous view has only served to drive me mad in the time that I have been here. It is hard to judge time here as the sun seems to be forever blocked by dark clouds that loom overhead.

As I have been walking aimlessly through the cold sand, I go over the events of before in my head. Every so often I summon my wings and Winged Edge to prove to myself that everything wasn't just a strange dream. I named my two black daggers Featherfall. Who are Noctral and Carmella exactly? Did they want to kill me or just send me to wherever this hellhole is? My determination to find out the answers is what keeps me going.

After an amount of time that I couldn't even begin to measure, I see the silhouette of a person by the next closest tree. I immediately start running in that direction. I would welcome the company of ANYONE at this point. The closer I get, the clearer the outline becomes. He must be a tall muscular man by the shape I see. When I get just a few feet from him, I see the man clearly and gasp.

"Seth?!" I exclaim. He turns around and rubs his eyes. Seth was my father's best friend before all this happened. I was taken care of by him whenever my dad was busy with work. He and I were really close when I was small, but we drifted apart when I got into my teenage years. Ever since I wound up in that desert nearly a year ago, I had always been worried of what happened to Seth and my father.

"Rose? It sure is great to see a familiar face around here," Seth says. He wraps his huge arms around me for a quick hug and looks around. "This place sure is creepy, huh? Where have you been all this time?"

I sum up the events of starting up the village of Shirou as concisely as I can. I bite my lip and trail off, thinking about whether I should try to explain what happened in that building in the tornado or not. Seth must sense my hesitation, because he pats my head and gives me a smile.

"I can tell you must've been through some crazy shit, little one. For now, let's try to find a way out of this place." His baratone voice is brimming with joy.

"I'm an adult now, you know. You can't call someone my age 'little one.'" I puff out my cheeks and laugh. After what I've been through, it's nice to meet someone I truly know.

We start walking together at a brisk pace. Seth explains that he has been wandering this dark desert since that bright light flashed and changed the world. He says that he hasn't had to eat or drink since he has been here. That statement worries me. Back in Shirou, I got hungry and thirsty like normal. Why hasn't Seth in this place?

"Speaking of strange things, Rose, why has one of your clear blue eyes turned red?"

Seth's tone turns dead serious. I ask him what he means, so he hands me a piece of glass he had found earlier. I look at my reflection and see that the coloring my right eye has turned red. The sight shocks me. I throw the piece of glass to the ground forcefully. More than just the unnatural color, the eye shines with a malicious light that shakes me. I'm amazed that Seth could wait so long to mention it.

"I had no idea. It wasn't like this before. Why is this happening?"

Before Seth can give his thoughts, the ground shakes violently. I feel myself sinking into the sand at an alarming rate. I reach up towards Seth. He tries to grab my hand but misses by an inch. My head is soon submerged into the sand, blocking out my vision and hearing. I sink deeper and deeper. Struggling wastes too much energy, so I eventually just stop and let it take me.

Just as I get carried under completely, I hear Seth's voice faintly. He must be speaking in an old language that I don't understand. He grew up in Egypt, so it might be a language spoken in the area he grew up in. No matter, his voice gets fainter the further down I get. Soon his voice is but a whisper. I am then enveloped in true darkness and silence that lasts for what feels like hours.
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Chapter 7: Turning Point of Knowledge

Darkness. That's all I feel besides the searing pain. The intense darkness crushes my soul while the pain crushes my physical body. I hear laughing before I feel a knife tear through my leg. I twist my body in pain, yet even my pained movements are halted by the large chains that bind me. Still the laughter pounds in my head. Afterwards, more knife cuts.

This Hell continues for two whole days. Every time I try to sleep, the sharp pain of a knife jolts me awake. The worst part of all of this is how sudden it was. I can't remember what happened after I was sucked into the black sand. Now all I know is the pain and laughter. I've tried many times to summon my wings or my daggers, but the power I used to feel has drained away.

I then feel a hand on my face. The fingers trail up to my eyes and pull at what has covered them this whole time. I immediately glare at the person looking down at me. I hear a scream, and they run away before I can get get a good look at them. Anger wells within me. This is pain and torture beyond what I could imagine. I look down at my body and see countless cuts that are just deep enough to bleed. Every inch of my body burns. I let out a beastly growl and struggle against the chains before I finally tire and fall to sleep.

"Wake up, monster."

These words wake me from my deep slumber. I gaze upon the face of my captor, a slim man with long black hair. He looks down at me with dark black eyes that seem to drill into my mind. His smug expression sets the ember of hate deep within me ablaze.

"Who the fuck are you?! Why put me through this hell?!" I roar.

"Calm yourself, monster. I have done you no harm. That was my associate who you scared away with that monstrous crimson eye you have." The slim man laughs arrogantly.

"If he harms me again, I will kill him. I mean it."

"Just try it in those chains, monster." Every use of that word makes me angrier. "We have just trapped you here like Lord Noctral has ordered."

Noctral. I'd nearly forgotten about that man in the midst of my pain. He is the one who sent me here. He is most likely also the one who sent Seth to that grey purgatory as well. Another man soon enters the dimly lit room and shoots me a dark look.

"This is one who has done you so much harm. He is in charge of the punishment that all angels in this facility recieve."

"There are others here? This is wrong!" I shout.

The chains around my ankles and wrists are suddenly released. I fall to the floor painfully, but I don't waste a second. I summon wings and Featherfall as I lunge towards the long-haired man. He stops me by grabbing my throat tightly. The other man, face covered in scars and wounds, cheers.

"Not so fast, monster. You are the one with black wings and a black soul, so you have no place to declare our actions wrong. We are merely punishing the ones who sinned and turned their backs to God." He lets go of my throat and turns me around. "I've always wanted to clip the wings of these monsters. Might as well make you the first."

I feel his hands tightly grip my wings from the top. He proceeds to push down with inhuman force. I feel every bone in both of my wings break. I let out a cry of pain and crumple down onto the floor. The long-haired man laughs and walks out of the room, leaving the torturer with me. He says his name is Var and walks towards me.

I grit my teeth through the pain and swipe at his face with my blades. They sink deep into his cheek and make him stumble backwards. My broken wings drape over my shoulders and make a sort of cloak that covers my wounded body. I've pieced together the situation in my head over the past two days. These people must be punishing the angels for what they see as sins. I have no idea what turned my wings black before I even knew I had them, but they have marked me as prey for this group led by Noctral. But I'm fed up with being prey any longer. Even back in Shirou, I was weak and needed protecting. No more.

"What did we angels do to your little group to deserve this?" I ask sternly as I put my dagger to Var's throat.

"You caused the world to become the way it is! You all sinned and were thrust to the Earth and ravaged it. You all must pay!" Var says spitefully.

He pushes me aside and begins to change shape. In the blink of an eye, his ugly scarred face becomes that of a beautiful woman's. His short body transforms into a full-bodied womanly fiigure. Long red hair, very similar to mine, cascades down her shoulders.

"That red eye disgusts me. I'm going to rip it out of you, sinner." Var, now revealed to be a woman, spits.

My tattered clothes are replaced by a new set of slim purple armour. A bright silver chestplate shines in the dim light of the room. I finally have full reign of my abilities. I spin my daggers with the skill and intention of one ready to kill. I launch my leg at Var and kick her into the wall next to the door. Amazingly, she is pushed through the wall with a crash. I must have more physical porwess that I thought, so I wonder why I wasn't able to break through those chains before.

I step through the hole I created and step foot into a large and surprisingly bright room. I see Var struggling to her feet in front of me, but beyond her are many wooden chairs with people chained to them like I was to mine. This must be where the rest of the angels that Var tortures are kept. Most of them that I can see are drained of any resolve or emotion, but some are staring intently at Var and I.

"Anubis just left! Now's your chance to stop this!" One of them shouts. Anubis must be the black-haired man I saw earlier. Yet when I look at the angel who spoke up, they seem to shrink back. I must look horrifying right now. But I don't care. I look to Var, who has just gotten back to her feet, and prepare my blades. My humanity must have been extinguished in that room, because all I feel now is a desire to kill the shapeshifting woman who stands before me.
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Chapter 8: Smother the Flame

"This ends here!" I scream, running at full speed. The bottoms of my crippled ebony wings flutter behind me.

Var seizes an opprotunity and extends an arm towards the nearest captive angel. Said angel, a young and ragged man, starts to fidget wildly. A mere motioning of her arm sends him into a panic. Var laughs arrogantly.

"One more step and this angel's disgusting life is forfeit." She spits. "Considering the circumstances, Anubis wouldn't mind if a few angels were killed prematurely. So stay back!"

Var's voice and figure are both beautiful, though her voice is filled with frightening bloodlust whenever she refers to angels. I don't waste a second. I speed forward and slice deep into her forearm. She pulls her arm back and tries, in vain, to kick me. The green pants that cover her legs flap in the wind that is generated from my quick dodge.

"You selfish scum! You endangered the life of one of your own kin." Var says as she nurses the wound on her arm.

"These angels fear you. I do not." I move so close to her face that my long red hair nearly touches hers. "You die here for YOUR sins."

My last statement makes her mouth twist into a frown. Before she can do anything, I hit her in the stomach with the black metal wings that jut out of the hilts of my blades. She staggers backwards with a sickening gurgle. I crouch down and fling my legs up towards her chin. They make contact and launch her high into the air. I kick myself into the air in pursuit and slice her neck open.

A few angels cheer in the background. I land gracefully while Var falls to the floor with a crash. Blood spills in the area around her in abundance. I spin my blades and let them vanish in a bright white light. A voice calls out to me as I wipe some blood off of my face.

"You did it! Now please, our savior, release us."

Every bit of murderous rage I felt but a few moments ago disappears. Whoever said that revenge doesn't feel good was a liar. This newfound grasp I have on my powers is amazing, even if my wings still ache horribly. I must admit, however, seeing the lifeless body of Var lie motionless on the ground makes a small pit in my stomach. Even if that shapeshifting woman was utterly vile, I've never killed anything before. I try my best to come to terms with it as I untie the first captive angel I see.

"You black-winged monster! Stay back!" The captive angel screams into my face.

I curl up a fist in preperation to punch him with all of my strength. I catch myself and withdraw my fist. I've never been prone to violence before. Has this place changed me? Putting the thought out of my mind, I cut the chains that bind every angel in the room. Many thank me wholeheartedly. An equal number treat me like I am a demon. I cut the chains of the final angel, the one closest to the door.

"This isn't over, y'know..." The angel says timidly.

"What do you mean?" To my surprise, I have to force myself to speak with kindness. I'm probably just tired and shaken from this entire situation.

"None of us have been outside this room since we were dragged here. We don't know where we are exactly or what else is in this place." The timid angel is a small girl who looks to be about fifteen years old. She says her name is Kristen.

"Don't worry yourself about that, okay? I will go on ahead and scout out the area. I'll come back for all of you once I find the exit." I tell this to all of them. They all agree, though some do it reluctantly. I feel no power from any of the angels in here. They must be completely drained of strength and resolve.

I take a quick look back at the little girl before I steel myself and open the door that leads out. Much to my dismay, I see Anubis standing in front of me as soon as I open it. He strikes me with an open palm. The force of his strike is unbelivable, pushing me painfully into the wall on the other side of the room.

"I was afraid that Var wouldn't be enough to keep you in check, monster." The tall tan-skinned man says bitterly. He glides into the room with a cool grace. "Your strength is to be rewarded, however. I will give you directions that I know you have no choice but to follow. How do I know you will follow them, fire-haired angel? Well...Allow me to show you why."

The collision with the wall knocked the wind out of me. I have trouble hearing what Anubis says, but I see what he does very clearly. His pale visage is the center of attention of every angel in the room. He runs a hand through his long black hair before extending it into the air. He dons a slight smile.

"Let God above grant His Holy Judgement!"

A dark black pillar of energy crashes through the ceiling and engulfs someone to my left. It dissipates, leaving only a smudged black mark behind. The angel who was there exists no more. I gasp in horror as similar black beams soon descend upon every angel is the room excluding me. Screams fill the air, and Anubis laughs cruelly.

"Speedy judgement is what Our Lord excells at. His wisdom and power extends beyond our comprehension. It is so wonderful."

I look to the little girl, Kristen. Tears run down her small face. Her large eyes seem to plead to me in desperation. The final black beam falls onto her as she extends an arm out. I mimic her action and reach my own arm out. Yet, as soon as I realize that tears run down my face as well, the black beam disappears, taking the life of the young teenage girl with it.

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