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Old 2016-03-13, 20:57   Link #1
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Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

JP Title: ちおちゃんの通学路
Author: KAWASAKI Tadatada
Genre: School Life, Comedy, Seinen


The misadventures of a socially awkward schoolgirl who is a hardcore PC gamer and has parkour skills that would put Ezio from Assassin's Creed to shame. Imagine if Tomoko from Watamote fused with Momoka from Sabagebu, and you've got an MC who is both the most fearless schoolgirl ever and the most delusional

The first three chapters have been scanlated and there are currently three volumes published. This has quickly become a must-read for me, so I definitely recommend checking it out
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Old 2016-03-18, 07:14   Link #2
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Mangaka is heavily reusing ideas from his hentai mangas
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Old 2016-03-18, 07:28   Link #3
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Is something wrong about that?
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Old 2016-12-14, 21:27   Link #4
Hentaiga no Rinbukyoku
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Omigod~ This manga is so funny~
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Old 2016-12-15, 19:03   Link #5
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I just discovered this piece of gold. Stomach blown, sides falling and jaw dropping from too much laughter. I didn't expect this at all
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Old 2016-12-28, 20:43   Link #6
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As a gamer I find this manga totally relatable. A precious little gem.
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Old 2017-03-07, 08:11   Link #7
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Just discovered this manga. Damn, it's hilarious.
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Old 2017-03-07, 08:30   Link #8
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ok, this manga is really REALLY nice...not that im laughing my ass of right now but i will see how this will play out, "with pride" -> comes out of a love hotel XD

but who was that a-hole who took the picture??
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