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Old 2014-06-01, 19:14   Link #1
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Allowing Quoting in Social Groups

Is there any chance we could add reply and quote buttons to posts made in social groups? I've managed okay with copying and pasting the contents of posts and then manually putting in quote tags, but copying and pasting the contents of a finished post means losing html formating which could be a real pain with more complex posts.
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Old 2014-06-02, 11:58   Link #2
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I honestly don't know why there aren't options for this in vBulletin (or why it isn't turned on by default). I sometimes feel that they purposefully limited social group functionality just so it wouldn't "compete" with real forums. If we want to add this functionality, we'd have to mod it in, and I'm honestly not sure just how much potential there is to write plugins for this. But I'm not opposed to the idea in principle, anyway...
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