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Old 2014-12-13, 20:51   Link #1
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Blade Runner 2049

Harrison Ford Says Blade Runner 2 Script Is Best Thing He's Ever Read:

"Get excited! Director Ridley Scott recently told MTV that Harrison Ford absolutely
loves the script for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel. So much so that Ford
apparently called it the best thing he's ever read. Let's hope he's even half right.

"I sent him [the script] and he said 'wow, this is the best thing I've ever read' so it's
very relevant to what happened [in] the first one," Scott told MTV. "I'm not just
doing a sequel with lots of action and see how far we can go with the special
effects, because you can't really."

It's still unclear if Ridley Scott will direct the new Blade Runner movie, but it's looking
increasingly likely that he won't. The script is ready and we'll just have to wait and
see how this all shakes out. Scott understands the importance of Blade Runner to so
many people, so hopefully there will be no major hiccups along the way."

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Old 2014-12-14, 10:19   Link #2
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Screams of joy

Loved Blade Runner so much such a enticing film, will hold back full blown hype train as its very early days
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Old 2014-12-14, 10:55   Link #3
Mr Hat and Clogs
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Hmmm, Ridley Scott hasn't had much to go for with his recent films though, so will slightly dubious for the time being.
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Old 2014-12-14, 11:37   Link #4
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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So, can we discuss the rather-twisty ending of the original Blade Runner openly, or do we have to use spoiler-tags? Frankly, it should've been public knowledge by now just like Empire Strikes Back's "I am your fatheeeerrrrrr!!" and Planet of the Apes' "This is Earth!"-ending.

Also, Blade Runner is famous for having so many versions (workprint, US theater cut, International cut, faux-Director's cut, official-Director's cut, Final Cut, etc), so which version do people here (who have watched them) like the most? I can't comment much on this as I've only seen the Director's Cut (1991)-version.

And I do hope this won't be another Prometheus. The writing on that movie is all over the place. It'll be sad to see the writer of this new BR ruin Ridley's masterpiece if that indeed happen.
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Old 2016-12-19, 22:05   Link #5
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Blade Runner 2049

I hear the Vangelis style soundtrack. But I am hoping they don't screw this one up. The original set the tone of how I view Cyberpunk to be in non animated from. Oh and lets see if Harrison can survive this one or is he looking to eliminate himself from all his franchises.

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