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Old 2004-04-05, 02:49   Link #1
Love Yourself
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Compatability Notice: Opera, Advertisements, and the upper menus

It isn't a big deal, and maybe a later version of Opera will fix it, but I just wanted to mention that there's currently an issue with this. I thought it was a general issue for everyone until I came here with IE and it worked perfectly. Basically, you see the menu bar above the advertisement? If you click on one of the drop-down menus, like "Search," the menus drop down behind the advertisement. In IE, they worked correctly and were displayed over the advertisement.

It isn't anything big (I think) and you can see access stuff from the dropdown menus through different areas of the site. Just letting you know, if this wasn't already known ^^
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Old 2004-04-05, 03:03   Link #2
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Thanks for pointing this out, but we actually do know about it. This issue has already been discussed in another thread, so I'll close this one. I'll leave searching for that thread as an exercise for the student. Since the discovery of this problem GHDpro has devised a workaround for it.

Please notice the very lower-left corner of this page. There is a drop-down box there where you can choose a skin for the forum. Please choose either AnimeSuki Style (Alternative) or vBulletin Style (Alternative). The alternative skins were created specifically to address this problem. Enjoy.

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