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Old 2014-01-17, 21:26   Link #1321
Sonic!I AM SONIC!!!!!
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I've forgotten all about that. That was such an awesome compilation.

Regarding the Drive discussion.

The big problem for them be that they're GN Drive supply is cut by a further 50% if Harute's is destroyed. That's going to put a strain on their recharging schedule given how they're plan was to bet on the new Twin Drive with most of their leftover resources. Harute and Zabanya being badly damaged probably doesn't help considering how stretched they're resources are. They might have to start asking Tieria to do "bad" stuff for them, like Ian was reluctant to do,

But I'm thinking they might have to rely more on Tau Drives now maybe in addition to some Large Condensers. They're already using one with GRM Gundam, so they don't really have a philosophical aversion to it and would have a way to handle the maintanence. And I guess if we were to count Tieria's faction as part of them, we would even have a combat intervention exampls in the Innovator Wars. Tau Drives also seemingly have a higher operational time than Large Condensers.

Of course using their NGN series machines isn't a bad either if its sufficient. That would be less of a burden in the particle supply since they use less GN Particles than Large Condenser suits,
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Old 2014-01-17, 21:46   Link #1322
Mad Pierrot
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By the way, did we ever get an explanation to why the ELS took the form of Ribbons?
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Old 2014-01-17, 21:55   Link #1323
Rising Dragon
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Originally Posted by amaterasu4 View Post
By the way, did we ever get an explanation to why the ELS took the form of Ribbons?
It wasn't Ribbons, but another Innovade that had been a part of the Jupiter expedition's crew. His name was Sky Eclipse, as revealed in supplementary info and in a freeze-frame bonus when CB discusses the attack on Louise--among the info they list on the crewmember is the Innovade's name. Presumably, it took on his form due to it infecting his corpse when they assimilated the ship.
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