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View Poll Results: Amagami SS - Episode 14 Rating
Perfect 10 15 29.41%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 14 27.45%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 17 33.33%
7 out of 10 : Good 2 3.92%
6 out of 10 : Average 3 5.88%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 0 0%
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Old 2010-10-07, 12:30   Link #1
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Amagami SS - Episode 14 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Amagami SS, Episode 14.

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Old 2010-10-07, 13:37   Link #2
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Spoiler for Episode 14 of Amagami SS:
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Old 2010-10-07, 13:50   Link #3
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Spoiler for Cameo from another Anime in Amagami? I'm okay with it:
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Old 2010-10-07, 14:29   Link #4
Ahou ga
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Posting my thoughts as I watch.

Spoiler for Thoughts about ep. 14:

8/10. Another enjoyable episode with Ai, who is easily now one of my more favorite of the heroines so far.
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Old 2010-10-07, 14:54   Link #5
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Spoiler for Inago Mask:
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Old 2010-10-07, 20:30   Link #6
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LOL at bunka shoujo cameo.

Swimming club scene was nuts, he truly knows no shame. Surprised the girls didn't throw him into the pool right then and there.
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Old 2010-10-07, 21:05   Link #7
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Old 2010-10-07, 21:40   Link #8
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So, the new season has new OP. I guess anime industry never go back to the day with 52 episodes per season.

5 Amagami gals with new poses.

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Old 2010-10-07, 21:43   Link #9
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What does changing the OP have to do with seasonal length?
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Old 2010-10-07, 21:48   Link #10
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Today's anime finishes at 13 episodes. It's much shorter than the original anime episodes.

By the way, Junichi's eyes are as perverted as ever. His is eyeballing the body of his teacher.

No wonder Ai said Junichi's eyes are H (in anime).
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Old 2010-10-07, 21:48   Link #11
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Usually a change in OP means a season change.

And since the year is 52 weeks... 13 weeks = 1 actual season, approximately. So that's why each series is usually in sets or cours of 13. And also why seasons are classed into the actual climate seasons.
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Old 2010-10-07, 22:09   Link #12
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Talking Op2

The episode in general was good. Particularly liked the whole Inago mask part and Junichi helping Ai in the library. It was also obvious Ai got way angry with the whole breast scene of Miya. Comments based on different parts of the episode itself......What first caught my attention is Ai's nice legs here.They are quite special in their way. There was actually a kendo sequence here. Did I ever miss Rihoko and she looks fine here but the girl to the left is also a lot of here. Sumo wrestling book here? Ai's deep look never stops amazing me here. In a different view of Junichi's room, I think I saw 2 box sets of DVDs from some anime...maybe here. I don't think the teacher would buy any of this manga content as a excuse here at least make it something like Gundam. Junichi......where the heck are you looking based on this=>
Ai looks so cute blushing here. Sae....oh wow! Big breast set here=>
Of course Miya had to do the breast feel description.....well it was funny but in the end it pissed Ai. Which is obvious here. Holy crap! Hibiki's between legs in a swimsuit! A first nice scenery. Particularly like the lighthouse with the tower. So this is the Inago Mask parody belt kit. Is that a IRL series? Probably the second best scenery. Particularly in this one the boat far away. Holy! Ai's legs, ass/breasts and head all in shower mode with delicious NSFW elements here =>

So Ai lives in a huge apartment complex...guess with a brother and all she is not that wealthy but that's another aspect that's interesting about each character. Ai brother is quite a cute rascal. Nice night robe there Ai but also nice of her to take care of her brother. Shows another aspect of her. Two catch things in Ai room would be the shape of the clock and the nice country scenery that is present in one of the pictures she has.....wonder is she likes the country like I do?
Since no one posted this....I will. I present to you the OP2!

One the most interesting things of the new OP is that you can see each of the girls in their night gowns.

Other things are the way Junichi looks reading that porn mag with his Umehara. What a lovely and Ayatsuji right here! Love it! That smile of Miya with her heart warming. Yet another nice scenery of Junichi alone on that Christmas night. The snow is particularly enchanting. Are those Haruka's legs? Or someone else's?
Preview of next episode.
Something that caught my attention in the preview is is this Ayatsuji or someone else? The girl looks really young.

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Old 2010-10-07, 23:18   Link #13
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Originally Posted by GundamZZ View Post
So, the new season has new OP. I guess anime industry never go back to the day with 52 episodes per season.

5 Amagami gals with new poses.

Lol stalker included.
omg Ku-chan!
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Old 2010-10-08, 00:06   Link #14
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Nice's the turning we see more development in the little bro drama...I hope. lol.

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Old 2010-10-08, 00:13   Link #15
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I was trying to wait out till the Ai arc was finished to watch it, like I've done with all the other arcs so far... but... Kamen Rider Inago Mask.... and Ai's delicious legs.... they tempt me....

Spoiler for Kamen Rider:

Against all the evil that hell can conjure, all wickedness that mankind can produce... We will send unto them, only you.

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Old 2010-10-08, 00:38   Link #16
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Enterbrain took the time to draw the details of nanasaki having a swimsuit tan when she was taking a shower
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Old 2010-10-08, 01:03   Link #17
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Great episode. We find out a lot more about Ai this episode. The study scene was good, but what the hell was that staredown about? Wow, that was unexpected. The scene where Miya asks Ai about her brother was funny, cute, and rage worthy at the same time. Ai slightly blushing was really cute. Junichi is a damn tool though. How retarded can you be. In that situation, he was practically begging for Ai to get pissed off. His rant in the club room was also pretty damn retarded. He was an idiot this episode. Last episode I praised him for doing the little things right (Picking up the trash at the beach), but that all went to hell this episode. He's the same idiot from Sae's arc, he's just not showing it as often.

The scene at the beach was great. I kind of felt sorry for Ai. She tried to buy a gift for her brother, only to have him reject it. She's really trying, but she hasn't had any luck at all. That's kind of sad to see. Ai trying to give the gift to Junichi was cute. Yes, Junichi's motives were transparent when he asked her to do the jump kick.

My favorite scene of the episode was the last one. She was just too adorable here. The way she smiled at the end was so freakin cute. She seems to finally realize that she's fallen for him.

The next episode looks really fun. Though it makes me wonder if we're going to see what we did in the manga. This episode was almost a complete departure from the 4 chapter arc, and next episode seems to be the same. I'm not complaining though, because I'm loving the anime arc so far.

I give this episode a 9/10.
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Old 2010-10-08, 01:26   Link #18
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Not a bad episode. Some pretty natural progression.
Spoiler for death stare:
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Old 2010-10-08, 01:42   Link #19
Athletic girls are sugoi!
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Personally, I think Junichi handled things with Ai at the pool the right way. Both Junichi and Ai are very blunt and direct people, so his public apology demonstrated an area in which they are truly compatible. At first Ai was upset because she had the impression he was only concerned with a woman's breast size. But hearing him openly confess that he appreciates her firm breasts that are "forged by constant training," and that such training makes her look sexy in a tight swimsuit, was taken as a compliment by her. In so many anime, guys are infatuated with the size of a woman's breasts. It was nice of him to appreciate the hard work she undergoes as an athlete to achieve a toned and shapely physique.

From the first episode, there were certainly sparks between the two. With this week's edition, the bond between them got an awful lot closer as they shared some nice moments together - him helping her study so she does not have to take special tests, giving her advice regarding her little brother, making up with her, and the fun with they had with the toy belt. And yes, it was rather obvious why Junichi wanted her to do that kick - so he could see those toned legs. It was very cute to see her in bed with a huge smile when thinking of seeing him the next day. They're becoming a great couple.
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Old 2010-10-08, 01:43   Link #20
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this ep was epic lolz

the swim club and kamen rider scene had me ROFLing

plus ai chan was damm cute, specially that little monologue thing at the end of the ep

definitely my second fav arc atm
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