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View Poll Results: Ore no Imouto - Episode 2 Rating
Perfect 10 22 25.58%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 31 36.05%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 21 24.42%
7 out of 10 : Good 10 11.63%
6 out of 10 : Average 2 2.33%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 0 0%
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Old 2010-10-12, 12:37   Link #1
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Ore no Imouto - Episode 2 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Ore no Imouto, Episode 2.

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Old 2010-10-12, 13:08   Link #2
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Whoa. Section creation.

"Come outside, Bitch!" :heh

I'm gonna guess that the rest of the series will only have Saori and Kuroneko from the IRL group.
Well, Kirino will at least have a few people to keep company with.
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Old 2010-10-12, 13:25   Link #3
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Originally Posted by BlueDo View Post
"Come outside, Bitch!"
Best line of the episode by far lol.

Anyway, good episode. I was a bit shocked at how tall Saori is. I never got that impression in the manga. Kiirino seems to be opening up little by little, which is good. She was so cute this episode, as usual. The argument at the fast food place was a riot. It was basically a forum flamewar done verbally, which was just hilarious to hear. Overall, just a really good episode.


On a side note, I'm quite surprised at the accuracy of the adaptation (Manga to Anime.). They really captured the art style very well, and the content up to this point is very faithful to what was in the manga. Color me impressed.
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Old 2010-10-12, 13:31   Link #4
Ahou ga
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I still crack up at:

Kuroneko: XXL?
Kirino: Men's?

Solid episode. Love the chemistry between those two, as well as seeing more of Kyousuke and Kirino's utterly dysfunctional family life. 8/10.
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Old 2010-10-12, 13:38   Link #5
pagan poor
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The anime style wars played out on the episode was pretty funny. Usually see it in various blogs and forums devoted to such, but still amusing to see it animated out.

Not having read the source material past ep. 2, I wonder if Kirino has a bigger role in that group of otaku girls. It'd be interesting to see how that plays out.
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Old 2010-10-12, 13:46   Link #6
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I'm late joining the bandwagon here, exam filled my time so tightly. Nevertheless i still had a spare time to watch Oreimo during my free time lol.

As for episode 2, not sure how to say this but i think i give it 7/10. Love Kyousuke's role doing tsukkomi for each strangeness that he encountered not only at his home but also at Akihabara. Well he juz one step closer towards being a future otaku together with her little tiger sister.

And give me that geek glasses please. I need that one so badly... fitting my image as a hardworking student so nicely lol.
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Old 2010-10-12, 16:14   Link #7
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Location: Canada
"So nobody cares where I went huh?"

solid episode!
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Old 2010-10-12, 17:07   Link #8
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Kyousuke gets no love from his parents

Pretty solid episode from my opinion, I would give it a 9/10
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Old 2010-10-12, 17:19   Link #9
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"It's just an anime" lol
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Old 2010-10-12, 18:10   Link #10
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It really hits me how people in Japan actually treat otaku's and stuff like that , or well thats what my brother told me ; They're basically looked down upon and for like 11 year olds .

Great episode , 8/10.
I loved where he goes "Its just an anime" and the room gets quite haha. "JUST AN ANIME!?"
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Old 2010-10-12, 18:21   Link #11
Join Date: Oct 2008
Hey, an own subforum! Neato!

Best line was clearly "Saori Bajeena". I had the same reaction Kyousuke had if, you know, I was drinking at the same time. Great minds think alike!

His euphoric celebration after completing the game being interrupted halfway, suddenly realizing "What the hell am I doing?", was comedy gold.

Kyousuke is truly an upstanding young man. T'is a shame his mind is being corrupted by a group of geek girls. His face at the BL section says it all, really.

Ah, to be young and naive again. He still has to learn a lot. Like, say, rule 34. No exceptions.
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Old 2010-10-12, 19:07   Link #12
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Originally Posted by CWW View Post
Ah, to be young and naive again. He still has to learn a lot. Like, say, rule 34. No exceptions.
Though one should feel sorry if that were the case.

Loved this episode. We finally get to meet some more characters, though I don't really like Kirino's normal friends much.

Set by TheEroKing.
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Old 2010-10-12, 19:49   Link #13
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Originally Posted by CWW View Post
Like, say, rule 34. No exceptions.
Shit just got real .
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Old 2010-10-12, 21:57   Link #14
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lol fun and bitchy episode! yay for Kyousuke for beating his 1st eroge! may Kami-sama help you
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Old 2010-10-12, 23:08   Link #15
♥ Ophy~chan ♥
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Why is Kirino such a tsundere to her brother? Is there something I am not getting And yes, "Saori Bajeena" is quite the name
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Old 2010-10-12, 23:31   Link #16
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"Art doesn't need a clothes-off feature..."

exelent episode, really enjoy the show from opening to the end
but sorry, i can't give more than 8 .lack of my beloved manami is kinda make me sad...

Onjouji Toki
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Old 2010-10-12, 23:42   Link #17
Marcus H.
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More exactly, it was "cast-off feature".
I wonder if Kuroneko did watch Kamen Rider Kabuto...
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Old 2010-10-12, 23:53   Link #18
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Thumbs up

I will separate this into 2 parts. One being the OP thoughts and the other the episode itself.

OP thoughts and characters intro......
If it was not for the OP writing this and that would be have been one of the best of Kirino made into GIFs but oh well there are other good ones. Holy crap! Kuroneko is so cute and ! Incredible that she is here. Really appealing especially with that birth mark on her face. Saori Bagina here is not bad for a character but incredibly tall. Her glasses are kind of annoying in general but she is ok for a character.

Comments on main parts of the episode.
Ok first thing is that I now see based on this where the problem lies with Kirino......she surfs too much on her cell phone those shops of ero games.....I never even use my cell for that stuff. Of all the girls in the game Kirino lent to Kyousuke I like a lot the green hair girl for some reason. Does Kirino ever look good here! The legs, that hair band on her arm and her clothes....wish girls were more IRL like that now. Obviously based on this the laptop is a Sony! Well I think I can understand from just one game its concept. From the looks of those pillows I like the heart one but the green one is not something I care about. Wow! That green nail polish! It looks so nice on her. Yeah I know that one problem and that's why I don't reveal it to anyone at all. Middle school girls are of that type of mentality against Otaku? Really? Probably another reason why I don't tell anyone about that hobby of mines. Interesting point here but thing is those people might tell my family too much so I can't risk being around those sites other than to talk with people like you guys. ROFL at this e-mail address! That was a good one. What the heck at the name of the secret weapon! Yeah that's what we do here...right? Oh lovely! Now it's purple nail polish! Which also looks good on Kirino! Oh man that dress! Kirino's fashion is my kind of girl! Those boots, black skirt, hand bag and sun glasses! Shit! Very appealing! Girls like that...I saw only in Paris and much around here. Cross dress! Oh ROFL! That's a good one! Not sure if Kyousuke would be good in it. Oh my! The maids here! So charming..too bad they don't have those much around France less someone knows something I don't. Really? There are that many options? Call me Oni-chan then! Priceless first face of Kyousuke! That was good! First intro of Kuroneko here and already I am sold! The girls in general are not bad but Saori is actually pretty tall compared to the other girls when you look at this part. Seriously...what is up with Saori's last name? Bagina? Replace B with V and g with v and guess what it = A first priceless look of Kirino at her brother! That was good too! Oh wow! She loves Oni-chan! Damn I want to try the effect of that IRL! Intermission looks good=>
That was a good laugh at Kuroneko's suggestion here of what to call Saori! Ok the handle name is nice but what's her real name then. Was the only one who though that the male of Kuroneko's anime is a rip off of Code Geass here. Really? Is Saori serious about the insult part here. Cause it's not me to do anything like that! I am a gentleman. Now where did I hear Kuroneko's anime here before? Beautiful first insult of Kirino towards Kuroneko! That was a good one! Then again the insult back of Kuroneko here was nasty too. Damn! Ok I did not understand this one at all! Someone care to explain? Oooooooh! What a come back to insult Kuroneko right here of Kirino! Oh how nice! +1 for Kirino on that one! That's funny because what Kuroneko says here never worked on me with K-ON for example. Oh damn! Kuroneko's come back in insults here with pig thing was nastier at Kirino. Teeny Complex Queen now that insult is glorious! +1 another one for Kirino! What a lame excuse not to talk with other people at that meeting. Did I hear correctly this? As in bitch? Oh shit! Cat fight I say! Over 9000 on this insult! Beautiful! Kirino got me laughing at this one. On the other hand that lipstick of Kirino gave me some nasty thoughts. Oh shit! WTF are those mags? Anime porn? Oh no! Cannot unsee Meruru like that! D: A hole? No way! Oh shit BL! *Hides fast!* Wonder if Kuroneko likes that stuff? Ooh! What a insult on Meruru of Kuroneko here! Yet another come back! Damn! The the insults are amazing in this episode! Guess teh father's comments are clear as to he does not like Kirino wearing that kind of clothing.....I don't blame him for noticing that too short skirt. Guess Kyousuke is lucky that no one asked him where he went. Finally the end for that girl in the game and I will admit she looks nice that way. Wow, that was surprising for a reaction of Kyousuke when he finished the game itself. Episode is 10/10! no problem with that! Got a lot better!
GIF time!
Freebies! Second Batch!

A favorite of mines



One the nicest scenes of Kyousuke patting Kirino's head!

I ROFL at this part of Kyousuke. Choked on water!

A favorite part of the OP itself.

Time to change avatars for some of this series!
Since it has a sub forum now I guess I should transfer my posts. Wonder why the mods did not do that yet?
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Old 2010-10-13, 02:03   Link #19
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Thank you for the awesome gif! I needed a new avatar.
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Old 2010-10-13, 02:03   Link #20
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Originally Posted by BlueDo View Post
Whoa. Section creation.

"Come outside, Bitch!" :heh

I'm gonna guess that the rest of the series will only have Saori and Kuroneko from the IRL group.
Well, Kirino will at least have a few people to keep company with.
As long as we have Kiririn vs Kuroneko (or Kiririn x Kuroneko, same thing) for the rest of the season, i think this anime will be my favourite
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