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Old 2013-06-29, 20:56   Link #101
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Everyone says Kyou-chan is spineless because he takes shit from Kirino and has no ambition... I don't think he's spineless.

He's come to terms with the fact that he has no talent. I really feel him on that one. Rather than being bitter at the world and his fate (and we all know he has things to be bitter about), he has accepted his place in life, which is a good thing and a very hard thing.

Honestly what good would come from his fighting with people and "sticking up for himself?" Nothing. He won't change stubborn people that way. Kirino sure won't listen. She's evil. He gets more respect and gets more stuff done when he takes crap like he does.

Kyousuke does the most good he can with the situation and talents he has.

I can't imagine a better hero. He's thoroughly selfless. I hope he can have a harem with all the girls or something, lol. He deserves to have good things come his way. Or at least he could marry Saori and get rich!

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I think Kyousuke is an interesting character, especially his thoughts are quite fun to read in the LN's. He's very understanding and patient and will listen to someone if he/she has something he/she wants to talk about. I wouldn't really call him naturally strong though. In the beginning of the story doesn't seem to be working towards a goal, like he's just waiting for something to happen in his life. Also, just like Kirino, he's a very emotional person. He cries a lot and gets embarrassed, angry or depressed really easily.

But he's the kind of person who can become really strong for the people he cares about. His strongest weapon is his kindness. Despite knowing his own shortcomings he'll do whatever he can to help his friends and family. As long as it'll get the job done, he'll do it, even if he has to go down on his knees. When it comes to helping others, he doesn't seem to care much about his own state and reputation.

That's why I see him as a strong selfless person.

Originally Posted by VTP-DDM View Post
Kyousuke's reasons for not saying "no" to Kirino have varied throughout the series, starting with doing it for himself and his own peace of mind, to doing it out of obligation as her older brother, to, finally, doing it because he actually genuinely cares about her and wants their relationship to improve. I feel it's worth noting that of every major things he's done for her - helping her make new friends, convincing their dad to let her keep her hobby, helping her and Ayase make up, etc. - Kirino didn't force him to help.
My thoughts exactly. Kyousuke never thought that he was forced to help Kirino. Kyousuke decided to help Kirino for his own reasons every time.

At first he thought that it was so natural to help his sister, that he never even thought about not helping her. He didn't always like it, but he'd help her nonetheless. At some point he even started to meddle in her affairs without her asking for his help, because he was worried about her. That's why he started crying when Kirino thanked him for everything during the 'maid party', since he wasn't expecting Kirino to thank him. He didn't even want her to thank him, because he decided to do everything of his own accord. And once they started to get closer to each other, he just wanted to help her in any way he could and get even closer to her.

Originally Posted by ryuujinjaaka View Post
Kirino sure won't listen. She's evil.
Wow, she's evil now? I understand that you don't like her, but this is complete unnecessary.
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