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View Poll Results: Vote for your favourite Ore no Imouto character(s)
Kyousuke Kousaka 23 38.98%
Kirino Kousaka 29 49.15%
Ruri Gokou (Kuroneko) 32 54.24%
Ayase Aragaki 18 30.51%
Manami Tamura 4 6.78%
Saori Makishima (Saori Bajiina) 15 25.42%
Kanako Kurusu 6 10.17%
Sena Akagi 1 1.69%
Kouhei Akagi 1 1.69%
Daisuke Kousaka 1 1.69%
Yoshino Kousaka 0 0%
Hinata Gokou (the older of Ruri's little sisters) 9 15.25%
Tamaki Gokou (the younger of Ruri's little sister) 5 8.47%
Kaori Makishima (Saori's older sister) 0 0%
Kouki Mikagami 2 3.39%
Bridget Evans 3 5.08%
Ria Hagry 1 1.69%
Other (please specify) 1 1.69%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 59. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2013-08-20, 21:56   Link #1
Join Date: Dec 2003
Age: 35
Ore no Imouto (Both Seasons) - Favourite Character(s) Poll

Welcome to the Ore no Imouto Favourite Character(s) Poll , the place when you can adorn your favourite "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!" characters and support them expressing all of your love!

You can vote for multiple characters all at once in this poll. Your vote is final once you click on the "vote now" tab. You won't be able to come back and vote a second time for another character. Choose wisely!

The poll is public which means the votes will be visible to everyone!

Thread Rules
  • No campaigning for votes.

    Any post with "Vote for…/Do not vote for..." verbiage will be deleted. Discuss why you do or don’t like characters without campaigning for votes.

  • Do not insult or harass other members for their choices.
    Please remember: this is for fun. Do not take it so seriously that you end up in an argument with another forum member because they express a fondness for a character you loathe. Discussion and good spirited banter is always welcome, but harassing people won’t be tolerated.

  • Have fun, but post intelligently.
    It’s great to have fun, but please try your best to add substance to what you post and make your thoughts interesting for the generation of fans that will follow after you’re long gone and on to watching some other series.
relentlessflame is offline  
Old 2013-08-20, 22:18   Link #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
My favorite characters of the show were the main couple, Kyosuke & Kirino!

My write in goes to Kanata Kurusu, because Rie Kugimiya as the hyper-otaku stereotype mentor for Saori was absolutely wicked amazing!
VORTIA is offline  
Old 2013-08-20, 22:32   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2012
I have to select Kyousuke. The guy had balls to cut off all of his bridges that he could've taken before him.
Seriously, he was not a typical protagonist of a harem (?) series at all. I loved his unreliable narrations. It was a big change from any other series.
Phantom is offline  
Old 2013-08-20, 22:44   Link #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2012
My vote for Kousaka siblings and Kuroneko

Kirino, despite of all her tsuntsun with her feeling, is very honest with her hobby. And dere-dere Kirino is so cute
Kyousuke, for all of his dense, always kept his words, no matter how ridiculous and over the top it was. He helped everyone in need, like it's his duty to do so, without expecting anything in return.
Kuroneko, the biggest chuunibyou of the series, is the one who sacrifire her own love and feeling for the sake of her friends, the one who helped them realized and accept their feeling.
GVN.Chaos is offline  
Old 2013-08-20, 22:51   Link #5
Join Date: May 2013
all the characters were very likable in their own way for me. but one will always be lovable for me... Ruri all the way ofcourse! :3
shironeko8 is offline  
Old 2013-08-20, 23:06   Link #6
Akuma Kousaka
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: 346 Otonokizaka
Age: 26
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Despite my avatar which I only use because Kirino had an expression that matches mine most of the time, my favorite character is Kuroneko. It used to be Kirino and Ayase in season one but in season two Kuroneko showing that different side to herself without making her feel like a dual-persona, her wisdom about Kyousuke and Kirino's relationship, and her hidden chuunibyou cemented her place at the top.

She's also one of the few times the gothic lolita look worked for me.
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Akuma Kousaka is offline  
Old 2013-08-20, 23:09   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Where the Sky Touches the Sea
Age: 24
I had three favorite characters in this series personally, Kirino, Kyousuke, and oddly enough, Kanako. I don't know what it is about Kanako but most of the scenes where she was present ended up being quite hilarious so I couldn't help but really liking her character, too bad she never really gets that much development in the story.

Originally Posted by shironeko8 View Post
all the characters were very likable in their own way for me.
This as well, I can't say there was a single character in this series that I actually disliked, just some I liked less then others.

Last edited by Soverence; 2013-08-21 at 00:38.
Soverence is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 00:14   Link #8
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: At the end of the abyss
Kyousuke is my favorite and well Kuroneko is pretty self-explanatory. Hinata looks like the she has the potential to grow up into an awesome troll.
Kyousuke is a decent character for a romcom(?) series since he's crazy, commits social suicide like it's nothing, is stubborn, and dates more than 1 girl considering that most other harems that I'm aware of don't even manage to get to 1 until the end of the series. The guy's a barrel of "what the hell is wrong with this guy" and I find that amusing to no degree.
finalfury is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 01:18   Link #9
Join Date: Jun 2013
Originally Posted by Soverence View Post
I had three favorite characters in this series personally, Kirino, Kyousuke, and oddly enough, Kanako. I don't know what it is about Kanako but most of the scenes where she was present ended up being quite hilarious so I couldn't help but really liking her character, too bad she never really gets that much development in the story.
Me too, I also liked Kanako. My favourite minor character in this series. Her way of acting is quite funny and the seiyuu Tamura Yukari did a very good job with Kanako's way of speaking. I especially love those "raaas".

As for my favourite character, Kirino, that goes without saying. Despite her tsuntsun attitude she is actually quite a caring character and just so cute. Her dere moments are just great.

But as mentioned a couple of times, I like (nearly) every character. Kuroneko was great, and I felt for her when she got rejected (struggled a little while translating that passage out of Chinese ), Saori was also funny, especially that stark contrast between Bajeena-mode and Makishima-mode. Ayase was also quite good. Kyousuke of course was also interesting. And the Akagi siblings are just hilarious, especially Sena and her love for homos. The only one I didn't like was Manami, for her constant meddling and actively pursuing that "wise grandma" title. But the author has done a great job in creating that interesting cast of characters.

In the end, I only voted for Kirino. Voting for other characters would have drown her in the masses of others, and for me personally, she is above the others.
Kakurin is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 01:35   Link #10
Imouto Lover x3
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Germany
I voted for the sibkings of course.They never fail to entertain me. Kyousuke is one hell of a Main Protagonist. He's not generic like the most Protagonist in Animes. He does everything for his little sister without any hestitaion,even losing his face for her multiple times. Kirino on the other hand is just sweet. Her tsundere attitude is funny to watch. She is also really dependable when it counts. She would do everything for her brother. Even giving up on him so that he can be happy with another girl. I also voted for Ayase since she is my third favourite Character after Kirino and Kyousuke.
Densetsuhakai is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 08:14   Link #11
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Germany
Age: 24
I see you can vote for more than one? Oh well, I just voted for Kirino. She was my favorite character from the get-go, be it in the anime or LNs. Hard worker, beautiful, dependable and really charming when honest. Loved her tsun side where she uses it in a way to hide her feelings for Kyousuke. Her dere side, well, is dere and really don't know why she is not dere for some. Kyousuke should have gotten my vote but really didn't notice you can vote for more . All in all, all characters were a joy to watch and hopefully we can come to an agreement.
Wilshere is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 08:27   Link #12
Join Date: Jun 2013
Originally Posted by Wilshere View Post
I see you can vote for more than one?
Yeah, that's a bit odd for this kind of poll, right?

Anyhow, my vote goes to Kirino as well, with Kyousuke and Ayase following close by.
Thailog is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 12:14   Link #13
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
This may be the only popularity poll since 2011 with Kirino winning.
VORTIA is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 14:04   Link #14
Black Phoenix
Photography is my life!
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Portugal
For me, the two siblings plus the great Saori Makishima (Saori Bajiina).

Really the first time I've eared his name, was in the Manga, I give a big laugh as I never had done. And in the Anime was even worse/louder!
Black Phoenix is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 14:57   Link #15
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: En un lugar llamado Tierra
My vote goes to lovely Kirino and Kyousuke.
Sakura_Tsuki is online now  
Old 2013-08-21, 15:24   Link #16
Join Date: Dec 2003
Age: 35
Originally Posted by Thailog View Post
Yeah, that's a bit odd for this kind of poll, right?
That's actually how we've always done these sorts of polls around here; you can vote for only your one favourite, or just for all the characters you liked most. Either way is fine.
relentlessflame is offline  
Old 2013-08-21, 16:10   Link #17
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2013
My vote goes to my lovely angel, ayase chan, and kuroneko.
Inuhami is offline  
Old 2013-08-22, 01:42   Link #18
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
My votes go for the Kousaka siblings and Saori. Too bad the anime doesn't really do much justice to her. Even if in the novels her appearances are small compared to the other three, I still found her character very interesting and likeable. It was easy to notice that everything she did, she did so genuinely from her heart, and that made me like her a lot.
The Akagi siblings were amusing too, just like Kohei said in a commentary, I would like to see a spinf off of them.
Btw I think I should have voted for the mom too, she had her cool moments, please somebody give her a vote
type-R! is offline  
Old 2013-08-23, 12:32   Link #19
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Visual Dream Panire
Kuroneko all the way.

With the release of the last three specials that finish up the series, I must say that our main siblings were quite a disappointment for me as a whole.
I'm quite surprised that they are both the most voted in this poll, but what can I do, it's just my opinion.
Haiprbim is offline  
Old 2013-08-24, 13:16   Link #20
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
i wud love to see a spin-off with Bridget. she was soooooo hnnnghhh
recover is offline  
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