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Old 2013-09-05, 07:47   Link #41
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Cool my own fairy tail charcters

Name:Katie Dragneel
Relatives:Igneela(Foster Mother)Natsu Dragneel(Cousin)
Magic:Third Generation Fire Dragon Slayer
Guild:Fairy Tail
Rank:S-Class Mage
Likes:Fighting, Eating,Shopping,Hanging Friends
Dislikes: Anyone who disrepect the guild
Personality:Carefree and recklees. But is fiercely loyal and protective friend.Also very cpnfident in her sex appeal
Bio & History:Katie was found and raised but Igneela the sister of the mighty Fire Dragon Igneel.Igneela raise Katie and taught her to write,talk and the lost maigc of the fire dargon slayer.But on July 7 X777 Igneela disappered leaving Katie alone.Katie seach around the world to fing her long lost cousin Natsu
Do you think you can create a chacter for me?
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Old 2014-04-06, 12:25   Link #42
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Fairy tale: Mage

Name: Rūku Van Helsing
Nick Names: Littte Devil
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 181cm (5'11")
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs.)
Blood type: O negative
Hair Colour: White
Eyes: Left one is Red, right one is black
Clothing: Soldier uniform and blck cloak with an eye patch over left eye
Weapons: Twin guns and Black blade katana
Magic: Sound, Clone, illusions and 1st generation Slayer
Origin: Unknown
Rank: S-Class Mage
Likes: Eating, Fighting stronger people, big boobs and cute animals
Dislikes: Cocky things as well as weak things
Personality: Perverted and can be dum at sometimes and kid to the people he loves and likes
Bio & History: Orphan with his little sister. Looking for his sisters killer to revenge her
Weakness: Can not hit/fight beautyful girls
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Old 2014-07-31, 21:22   Link #43
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Cool New Character And Magic: Silver and Copper

Name: Silver & Copper Madison

Gender: Silver: Male Copper: Female


Eyes: Sky blue

Clothing: same thing as Kagamine Rin and Len, but Copper wears a skirt and neither of them has headsets and both have a white ribbon tied around their right (Silver) and left (Copper) bangs.

Weapons: Unknown

Magic: White God's Unison Raid

Origin: I don't know what that is

Guild: None

Ranks: Scary, but just regular Wizards

Likes: peace

Dislikes: The Dragneel family

Personalities: They were neglected by their parents, so they are socially awkward and are always alone together, they both wear the same thing because neither of them wants differences in their lives. They do cry for one another and communicate through "special" twin bonds.

Bio & History: As babies they and their siblings had been separated into separate towns and soon became anti-social and barely ever talked unless they were talked too. The person who taught them their magic was a demon called Shiki, whenever they sleep.
Futures: n/a
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Old 2014-08-01, 07:01   Link #44
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Wink Francis The Young And Powerful

Name: Francis
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Eyes: black ball, white pupil
Clothing: she has orange ribbons and a white shirt with diamonds around the collar and sleeves that are black and red like her pants. She also has a small diamond design on her chest with white hair, red strands and more small black stripes.
Weapons: Walking Rod
Magic: Absorption Mimicry: Since Francis is the reincarnation of Franmalth of the Nine Demon Gates, she possesses Apsorption, but also received mimicry dice she copies and absorbs one's magic without effort. It also seems to be stronger than the average Mage.
Origin: n/a
Guild: Diamond Gate
Rank: Demon Mage
Likes: Running
Dislikes: Not much to know about what she dislikes
Personality: When Franmalth was recreated, he was cheerful about becoming something harmless and more attractive, but when he found out about the Night Fairies (Jackal, Lamy, Keith, Sayla, Kyouka, Minerva, Rebecca) he was so livid he cried like a baby,
Bio & History: After he had eventually died, he was reincarnated in a science lab in the Underworld, thanks to the Cursed Council and new recruits. She, along with Ezel, Torafusious, and Tampesta, had formed a Guild called Daimond Gate, resighted from Nine Demon Gates.
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Old 2014-08-01, 09:36   Link #45
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Angry Diamond Gate

Name: Ezela

Gender: Female

Age: n/a

Eyes: Gray pupil, brown iris

Clothing: strange patterned clothing and elbow and leg armor

Weapons: Spider legs on the back, head spikes, foot and hand claws

Magic: Web magic, Hair Claw, Lightning, Blue Fire: all of this magic depends on her inner emotion or lack of power

Origin: Spiders?

Guild: Diamond Gate

Rank: Master S-class

Likes: Silence, calm things

Dislikes: Agitating people

Personality: She is very quiet and does not call out her magic spells aloud, since she never yells, but glares. She is not a person to be around if she is angered or tired. She was never really "friends" with people, persay, but she felt offended when Wendy asked to be friends, thinking that Wendy was calling her a Bisexual Lesbian.

Bio & History: She was originally Ezel of Tartarus. She had been recreated in test tunes like her three other companions. When she was sent to Earthland, she took part on the Grand Magic Games in the Night Fairies Guild, replacing Kayla Kyouka. She had met Wendy in battle and eventually told her true identity, practically to the world.

Future: n/a
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Old 2014-09-09, 22:52   Link #46
s c a r l e t
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Send a message via AIM to Kayin
Name: Rai Corvain

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Eyes: Bright Blue

Hair Color: Black


Weapons: Magically-powered katana named "Raiken", meaning "Lightning Blade". Summons and harnesses "holy" lightning.

Magic: Demon Slayer Magic - Lightning Valkyrie - Judgement Magic

Origin: Born into a family whose sole-purpose was the destruction of Zeref's demons. Most of her family was destroyed by the demon-corrupted valkyrie, Lilith who served Zeref. In her rage and need for vengeance, she managed to bond her soul with that of the Valkyrie of Divine Judgement - Gavriella. However her hatred made Gavriella's power go out of control, and she ended up killing hundreds of thousands of innocent lives...

Guild: Forever Valkyrie

Guild Affiliation: Independent

Rank: Master

Likes: Writing adventure stories.

Dislikes: Hates demons and all servants of Zeref. Dislikes spaghetti (it makes her think she's eating long, slimy worms.)

Personality: Stubborn and headstrong. She struggles to keep her anger in check since the Valkyrie she bonded with is one of divine wrath and judgement. She remembers how that power can easily be abused if her anger is fueled by darkness. Rai is seeking redemption, and has resolved herself to fighting Zeref since she is one of the last Demon Slayers still alive. She vigorously protects all innocent and good people, even if she is very bad at opening her heart to those closest to her.

Attacks & Skills: 1) Valkyrie Demon Slayer Mode, 2) Heavenly Lightning Judgement Slash, 3) Holy Shield of the Storm, 4) Divine Judgement: Chooser of the Slain

Bio & History:
See Origin.

Weaknesses: Using Valkyrie Demon Slayer Mode requires energy from her soul, which in turn shortens her natural life span. She will be lucky if she lives to her late 30s. Gavriella's power is also a power not meant to be controlled by a human who's heart is imperfect and can be easily consumed by darkness. Using the power requires great discipline on her part.

Future: To destroy Zeref and all his demons along with the corrupted Valkyrie, Lilith.
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Old 2014-10-10, 04:15   Link #47
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Just stumbled upon this site It has nice tips in creating your own anime characters.

I hope this helps you guys.
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Old 2015-01-06, 16:11   Link #48
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Name: Bryce Kasagari
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: Advanced suit of armor (former), White shirt with grayish-white jacket and black pants.
Weapons: X-12 Sword Rifle (former), none
Magic: ALM (Advanced Light Magic
Origin: Earth (year 2341)
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: Grande Colonel (former), Member
Likes: Kindness, a girl's personality, and combat.
Dislikes: Aliens, cowardliness, oppression, Zeref
Personality: Kind, Caring, Inspiring, Capable, Trustworthy, Loving and Nurturing (at times)
Bio & HISTORY: When he was 3 his family were killed by the Alien occupiers, leaving him the sole survivor. When he was 5 he was inducted into the HLF (Human Liberation Force). When he was 6 the War for Human Independence began. At the age of 10 he was put into his first combat mission as a Sergeant. By the time he was 16 he was promoted to Grande Colonel. By the Aliens he was nicknamed "The Demon of Light", by humanity he was dubbed "Savior of Humanity" as he saved a million lives. However, by the time he was 18 he had killed 7.5 million Aliens personally but he has let 2 million die under his command. When he was 19 he was transported to Earth-Land, were he meet Team Natsu and, after a little scuffle, settled things out and took him to Fairy Tail. After sensing great magic energy dwelling inside him, Master Makarov allowed him to join the guild, even Mavis Vermilion (who was present at his initiation) saw the powerful Light Force inside him. He gained his magical abilities when he took on the 5 members of the dark guild Tyrant King's by himself after telling them to retreat. After defeating 2 of them with just his suit and weapon, he faced off against Hurzia Juntan, were she destroyed both equipment. He gained his ability to use the lost form of light magic named "Advanced Light Magic", this magic gave him the ability to not only defeat Hurzia, but the rest of the Dark Guild. After his friends went back in to save him, He depleted nearly all of his magical energy and was lying on the ground, after a heartfelt moment with Mavis, he used the spell Restoration to give Mavis another chance at life after she died so young. After which he past out and went into a coma for 5 months and after he awoke, he found the entire guild cheering at the sight of him awake, especially Mavis. Currently he holds a form of relationship with Mavis, and is in the current S-Class trials in round 2 with Natsu, Grey, Cana, and Levy.
Future: To eliminate all the Darkness and Evil in Earth-Land.
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Old 2015-01-10, 13:42   Link #49
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I would also like feed back!
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Old 2015-06-01, 08:23   Link #50
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Post My Fairy Tail Character

Name: Claus Flamebird
Nick Name: Darkness Flame
Gender: Male
Age: Unknow
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Eyes: Red
Clothing: White trousers,black waist mantle and black T-Shirt .He's wearing a long red scarf(this scarf look like dragon scales).
Weapons: none
Magic: Darkness Flame Devil Slayer.He can absorb & releash flames (He can heal his injuries when he absorb flames).
This flames affect the body and soul of enemies.(His flames respond to his feelings.)
Origin: Tartaros Research Laboratory
Race: Etherious
Guild: none
Rank: A (his power compete with a guild master when he's angry)
Likes: His friends and kind people.
Dislikes: Dark Guilds and people who hurt his friends phisical and mental.
Personality: He is kind and peaceful. He likes nature and animals. Very loyal and will do anything to protect his friends.
Bio & History: He was a human ,but a dark guid named Tartaros make experiments on kids and transform him into a etherious.
After this dark guild finish the experiments they killed the children, but Claus has been saved by Zeref when he was near death.
After that Zeref taught him devil salyer magic and adjust Claus's body for stoping demonificatoin.
Future: Unknow

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Old 2016-02-07, 22:03   Link #51
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my fairy tail OC please tell what you think

Name: Amara Zuri

Nickname: kitty

Gender: female

Age: 14

Height:167.64 cm

Weight: 61.5 kg

Eyes: Brown/purple
Clothing: purple tube top, black jeans with silver belt, black combat boots,silver headband

Weapons: bracelets (used to control magic)

Magic: Dimensional/elemental Dragon slayers magic and binding magic, she can enter different realities and absorb different types of magic and heal (magic still not stable)
Race: Neko

Guild: none


Likes: Sweets,meeting new people,cake,

Dislikes: Dark guilds people hurting others mentally or physically
Personality: Carefree, shy , energetic, at times unemotional , serious when it comes to protecting friends life and safety , Likes nature and animals

Bio: I don't know about my parents or village but I was found by a female Dragon who said was princess of all dragons she trained me until she suddenly disappeared without a trace now I'm following what she told me a few days before she disappeared "find people to protect and they will risk their lives for you. Betray someone and they will risk their life to get revenge on you be smart my child please don't make the mistake many I know did" with those words as my motto I look for those to protect and love.

Future: To find someone or people to help me control my magic.
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Old 2016-08-31, 14:29   Link #52
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Why the fuck isn't there a online game where you create your own FT character can someone please make one for free I want to put him on DeviantArt I rather make him than have someone draw him there's no free artists in this crazy messed up world male and female character creation game like this one and sorry I'm bitching.
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Old 2016-09-03, 17:34   Link #53
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Name: Rin Ayano
Gender: Female
Age: 17 and a half
Eyes: Gray-ish blue
Clothing: Black tank top with a long sleeve lose white shirt, black leggings with brown boots up to her knees and a high ponytail held up by a lily flower elastic
Weapon: Sword made of water with water particles surrounding it
Magic: Water Dragon Slayer magic
Origin: Her dragon Aquamarine vanished 7/7/7 like the others, first generation
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: Competing for S-class (was stuck on tenrou with others)
Likes: Rogue Cheney from Sabertooth, nice people with a warm heart, water, flowers, BFF Levy McGarden
Dislikes: Stuck up people, pervs and people ignoring her
Personality: Not shy, bubbly except when you piss her off, love-able and funny
Bio & History: Has been dating Rogue for a long time, searches for her long lost sister before her dragon
Future: To become S-class mage and find her sister one day
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Old 2017-06-10, 16:14   Link #54
Phillip Scarlet
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Name: Phillip homewood
Age: 15
Clothing\Appearance: purple hoodie with black trousers and red sandels
Eyes: one is pitch black and one is purple
Magic: demon judgment magic plus sky god slayer
Guild:Akuma no tsume which means demon claw in Japanese
Rank: Demon God/ Guild Master
Origin: he was brought up in a small village of the coast of fiore then when he just turned 5 his village got attacked by bandits and his family died in the attack and he escaped and swore he would get revenge on them and then he got turned into a demon
likes:fighting, reading and being alone
Dislikes: annoying ppl and weaklings
personality: always sad and cold cares a little bit
history: n/a
Weapon two daggers and two pistols with a lightning sword and a blood sword
Future: to avenge his family and to become a better person all together like become happier and nicer
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Old 2017-07-27, 20:41   Link #55
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Eyes:white (he's blind)
Clothing:black pants white string tied around waste
Weapons:wooden stick
Magic:elemantal dragon slayer
Guild:fairy tail
Likes:magical fights
Dislikeshysical fights
Personality:doesn't talk blind
Bio & History:he was trained by multiple dragons
Future:makes his own guild with only dragon slayers
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