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Old 2010-11-26, 10:31   Link #1
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Favourite anime OP and ED of 2010

Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
The end of year is approaching, and many of us gonna be busy with exams/works/ Christmas preparation/ vacations (depend where on Earth and which society you are sitting on). Anyway....... in short: let have a thread to list out your favourite OP and ED for 2010 (and have some civilized discussion) before we all get busy with more "real-life" stuffs. It's a good chance for some of us to start revising how many dozens of anime we watched this year as well (yes, i'm talking about you!!).
That's what i wrote last year, and guess what: It's this time of the year again (hence 2010 there)!! And this thread was started even earlier this year, because if you are me, you won't have anytime wandering around animesuki from the start of December onward....

So the first rule is there are no rules (you saw it coming ), but there are some recommendations as below:
  1. List three of your favourite OP and three of your favourite ED, of series that either started or ended in 2010. Also please list all different OP or ED (OP2, OP3 and so on) of a same anime into one if they are all in your top list
  2. Take the song, the animation, and their role within the anime into account. That's why this thread is not in the music forum
  3. Put up some youtube link if you can, we all want to know what's popular among the community. 6 youtube links gonna be huge in space, so put them into spoilers if can
  4. This is a sincere personal request: please do not put up Bakemonogatari OP and ED. Partly because it was mostly showed in 2009. But more importantly, it dominated last year thread
  5. Finally, have fun since unlike girlfriends you can have lots of songs to be your favourite (in most case)

Will post mine asap!!

Edit 1: here is the result by post 26
Spoiler for space:

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Old 2010-11-26, 11:08   Link #2
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Actually I should separate this from the opening post:

My three favourite OP are:
1) The World God Only Knows OP
The song is called "God only knows", and it instantly won me over in the first hearing. By far the best OP of this season, not only from the song, but also the animation and the theme it brings up
2) Angel Beats OP
"My Soul, your beats" (both normal and Yui version) and when hearing full song, i actually prefer the Yui version. Actually the OP is better than the whole anime in my opinion in expressing the theme of the anime
3) Durarara!! OP 2
"Complication" is the song, and sounds amazing. And the animation is so creative also (too bad can't find a better version on youtube), showing great way to introduce a large casts
Spoiler for Youtube links:

Then the three favourite ED are:
1) Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru ED
Guess what? Shaft did it again, with "Maids Sanjou!". The music sounds funny? Looks at the instruments and read the lyrics, and it should win you over. It's really the most creative ED out there. Feel the randomness in the ED? So it is in the anime
2) K-on!! ED2
The two OPs and the first ED were greatly disappointed. But thank to "No, thank you", K-On!! can be considered as an music anime again
3) Durarara!! ED1
3rd place again with "Trust Me", pretty cool concept art which sum up its huge cast and the relationships
Spoiler for Youtube link:

PS: special mention to Aoi Hana OP and Eden of the East ED which surely would make into the list if only they are 2010 anime. And Oreimo/Working!! OP is quite close also
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Old 2010-11-26, 11:34   Link #3
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Hmmm, actually I suppose the EDs (both 1 and 2) from K-On!! come up but the first thing I thought of was the retro-rock'n'roll ED from Working!

1) Working! ED - "ハートのエッジに挑もう" (go to the edge of the heart) sung by the male VAs.
2) K-ON!! ED - "Listen!"
3) K-ON!! ED - "No Thank You"

Can't think of a single OP that really caught my attention much less ended up on my playlist.
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Old 2010-11-26, 12:06   Link #4
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In no particular order:
  • Highschool of the Dead's opening of the same name (Kisida Kyodan and the Akebosi Rockets) — the show itself lost its edge after a couple of episodes, but the crazy guitar-scratch effect thing in the intro is still as great as the first time I heard it. Fanservice aside, there's a nice grungy style to all those paint splatters in the opening visuals too.
  • Yojou-han Shinwa Taikei's ending, "Kami-sama no Iu Toori" (Etsuko Yakushimaru) — odd and delightfully quirky, just like the series it comes from. I could describe it as "floor plans on drugs" but that's really not doing it justice.
  • Shiki's first opening, "Kuchizuke", and second ending, "Gekka Reijin" (Buck-Tick) — the animation for the former is definitely the better of the two, though in terms of the music itself I prefer the moodier tone of the latter. It does fit the rather gloomy direction the show's been taking lately....
  • Arakawa Under the Bridge's first season ending, "Sakasama Bridge" (Suneohair) — now there's someone I haven't heard in a long time. The TV edit is pretty good on its own, but cut out some impressive guitar work on the full version.
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Old 2010-11-26, 14:21   Link #5
Witch Hunter
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*Arakawa Under the Bridge ED1- "Sakasama bridge"
*Shinrei Tantei Yakumo ED1- "Missing You"
*Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood ED1 - "Uso"
*Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood OP1 - "Again"
*Shinrei Tantei Yakumo OP1 "- Key -Phase1-" (How awesome is it?!)
*Ookami-kakushi OP1 "Toki no Mukou, Maboroshi no Sora"
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Old 2010-11-26, 14:47   Link #6
Lost in my dreams...
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Hm, had to do a fair bit of pondering here, as there haven't been a whole lot of OPs during the last year to truly catch my attention, but in the end i did narrow it down to 3 (out of 4) that i actually do/did watch with each episode, rather than skipping past the first 1-2 times.

1. Yosuga no Sora OP (Hiyoku no Hane) - The "weighty" atmosphere of the title is something that has always stood out for me, and i believe the OP captures that emotional tune fairly well, and bl3ends together nicely with the visuals.
Spoiler for youtube:

2. Shiki 1st OP (Kuchizuke) - Certainly different from the lot we are used to seeing, and it did take a while for it to grow on me, but grow it did. Pretty powerful visuals and music, i believe it conveys the dark/disturbing feel of the anime quite well.
Spoiler for youtube:

3. Sora no Otoshimono Forte OP (Heart no Kakuritsu) - Bright, catchy and quirky, with some serious moments among the mix - just like the show itself. Very nice animation quality as well.
Spoiler for youtube:

4. Fortune Arterial ED (I miss you) - Beautiful and sensual. Nothing fancy or flashy here, but it is quite atmospheric and very visually appealing.
Spoiler for youtube:

Don't have any more Eds besides this one, others haven't really caught my attention.
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Old 2010-11-26, 17:51   Link #7
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Can't say I have a lot that stood out to me, but here...

1 - Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin 'Flying Humanoid': Great song, ok animation that more or less sets up the show. Nice usage in-show too. The video quality's crappy but it seems like the only one out there.

Spoiler for youtube:

2 - To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP2 'Level 5 Judgelight': Great tune, sweet animation. Another one with nice usage in-show too.

Spoiler for youtube:

3 - Otome Youkai Zakuro 'Moon Signal': Great tune, decent animation showcasing the characters and a bit of what the shows about.

Spoiler for youtube:

1 - K-ON!! ED2 'No Thank You': The only K-on song I like, with a somewhat mature style animation.

rising's already got the youtube video, so no need for me to show it too.

2 - Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru 'Maids Sanjou': Exactly for all the reasons rising listed, as well as I'm really liking the bass chick's voice (forgot her name, haha)

again rising has the video.

That's all I can think of from looking at my files. Props to Angel Beats and OreImo's OP too. If I find another ED I like I'll edit this.
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Old 2010-11-27, 04:59   Link #8
Yuri 'serator
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I am listing 5 because 3 is tooo little for how many I've loved this year .


1. Angel Beats OP Yui Ver. "My Soul, Your Beat" - While both versions of the song/intro are amazing I prefer the Yui version slightly and youtube was already shown above.

2. The World God Only Knows OP "God only knows" - Definitely an amazing OP song with excellent animation to match.

3. To Aru Kagaku No Railgun OP 2 "LEVEL 5 -Judgelight-" - Seriously Awesome Song with very good animation that lets the song strongly rival the original OP of the series, and makes good chance to show all the characters and action well.

3. 4. Katanagatari OP 1, "Meiya Kadenrou" - I had tough time picking between the two OP for this series since both were good, but I prefer the first a bit more for the better animation and not being Ali Project .
Spoiler for youtube link:

4. 5. K-ON!! OP 2, "Utauyo!! MIRACLE" - You can count me in on the people who didn't like the first OP/ED for the new season as much as the original, but the second of OP/ED were better than the original in my opinion. Also in Go Go Manic, Yui's voice was a bit too high, but in Utauyo!! MIRACLE it was much better and the song was better overall plus the animation to the song is just so fitting to Yui and the rest of the Band .
Spoiler for youtube link:

5. Ore no Imouto OP, "Irony" While song wise I would rate it higher than this, since I love it undoubtedly, the animation is great at some points, others kind of eh, so it got ranked here.
Spoiler for youtube link:


1. Ore no Imouto ED 4, "Shiroi Kokoro", Before I heard this song I was sure "No, Thank You" would take my favorite spot, but the animation and beat of this song just made it too awesome, I really like the overall feel that it gave. Sadly I can't find an animated version of it .
Spoiler for Non-animated version:

2. K-ON!! ED 2, "No, Thank You", It was without a doubt the best song used in K-ON, and had very mature fitting animation to go with it.

3. Omamori Himari ED1, "Beam My Beam", In my opinion it was by far the most catchy and cute ED of all the series I've watched, I really like song and the animations fits the upbeat feel of the song very well.
Spoiler for youtube link:

4. MM! ED, "More More Lovers" - Another rather cute and catchy song though more on the energetic side with a nice semi-dance between two of the main girls.
Spoiler for youtube link:

5. Mayoi Neko Overrun! ED, "ItchaLove Come Home!" - So What three of the EDs I picked were cute ones <_<, I really do like the calm feeling to the song for this one and the animation is nice.
Spoiler for youtube link:

P.S. Didn't feel like putting my long list of honorable mentions since I already 10 total and my list of them would go for quite sometime like at least a dozen for each .

P.S.S. Against the 4th rule, the 5th OP "Sugar Sweet Nightmare" didn't air until this year , though the song was awesome, the animation was meh to terrible so it didn't make my list anyways . And similarly none of the Katanagatari EDs could make the list due to lack of animation.
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Old 2010-11-27, 05:22   Link #9
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Best OPs

1. Tatami Galaxy - Maigoinu to Ame no Beat - A trippy voyage into the maze of relationships that occurs between Watashi and everyone around him who affects his dream of a Rose Colored Campus Life in more ways than he can possibly imagine. Also has the best shot of Akashi <3

2. Cross Game - Summer Rain - Summer is the time for baseball, even when it rains on you.

3. SoRaNoWoTo - Hikari no Senritsu - Animation porn coupled with a gorgeous song sets the pace for a very laid-back show that isn't as simplistic as I had previously thought.

Best EDs:

1. Cross Game - Koisuru Otome - Used only for the final episode, yet it perfectly concludes a profound viewing experience.

2. Tatami Galaxy - Kami-sama no Iutori - A friend of mine better explained just what this song is, but what it really means comes out fullest at the final episode.

3. Kimi ni Todoke - Kataomi - Adorable, heartwarming and sweet. That's all it is and that's all I need.

4. K-On! - No, Thank You - THIS is the music they should be making dammit!
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Old 2010-11-27, 08:06   Link #10
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Best openings:

1. God Only Knows: I have been always a fan of The World God Only Knows but being a fan or not I love this song. By far my favorite opening of this year.

2. My Soul, Your Beats: One of my favorite songs of Lia.

3. Complication: It was hard, this one against Irony from Ore no Imouto but Complication from Durarara won. Liked the opening sequence and also liked the music.

Favorite endings:

1. Ichiban no Takaramono(both versions): Don't know if this count but since Karuta version was used as the ending of the last episode of Angel Beats I'll post it.

2. Trust Me: The first ending of Durarara was great, specially the animation scene depicting almost all the cast of the anime.
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My favorite OPs of 2010.

1. Yosuga no Sora - Hiyoku no Hane (why does such a bad anime have to get such a good OP song!?)
2. So Ra No Wo To - Hikari no Senritsu (Kalafina + Sweetness = WIN!)
3. Tamayura - Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara (if only because of Maaya Sakamoto and Junichi Satou and the utter cuteness of this anime).

My favorite EDs of 2010.

1. Tamayura - Melody (Nakajima Megumi's best song ever!)
2. Kiss x Sis - Futari (if only because my favorite child seiyuu, Yui Ogura, is singing parts of it)
3. Katanagatari - Tasogare no Gekka, Mayoigo Sagashi, Ai to Makoto (yeah. THREE. All three of them are awesome!)
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there are many but to list the top 3 are:

- Breal Blade OP - Fate (the perfect song in my opinion)
- Angel Beats! OP - My Soul, Your Beats (instantly fell for Tenshin)
- SoRaNoWoTo OP - Hikari no Senritsu (great song and cool animation)

- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ED 5 - Ray of Light (nice song and match the mood of the series very well)
- K-ON!! ED 2 - No Thank You (cant resist the cool band girls)
- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ED 4 - Shunkan Sentimental

*want to specially mention that Tegami Bachi (both seasons) has the highest quality of OPs and EDs, all of them are nicely animated and paired with great songs
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1. Durarara!! OP1 & 2 Uragiri no Yuuyake-Theatre Brook, Complication-ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
Spoiler for youtube:

2. Shiki OP1 Kuchizuke-BUCK-TICK
Spoiler for youtube:

3. Break Blade OP Fate-KOKIA
Spoiler for youtube:

Honorable mentions:

4. Angel Beats! OP My Soul Your Beats-Lia

5. House of Five Leaves(Saraiya Goyou) OP Sign of Love- immi
Spoiler for youtube:

6. So-Ra-No-Wo-To OP Hikari no Senritsu-Kalafina
Spoiler for youtube:

7. Shiki OP2 Calendula Requiem-kanon X kanon
Spoiler for youtube:

8. Psychic Detective Yakumo OP Key-Ono Daisuke
Spoiler for youtube:

9. Kimi ni Todoke OP Kataomi-Tomofumi Tanizawa
Spoiler for youtube:

10. The World God Only Knows OP God only knows-Oratorio


1. Shiki ED2 Gekki Reijin-Buck-Tick
Spoiler for youtube:

2. Durarara!! ED1 Trust Me-Yuuya Matsushita
Spoiler for youtube:

3. Psychic Detective Yakumo ED Missing You-Lisa Komine
Spoiler for youtube:

Honorable mentions

4. Ore No Imouto ED4 Shiroi Kokoro-Saori Hayami
5. Angel Beats! ED Brave Song-Aoi Tada
Spoiler for youtube:

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Favorite OP

1.So-Ra-No-Wo-To OP "Hikari no Senritsu"

(Video posted by Razziell22 already)

2. TWGOK OP "God only Knows"

(Video posted by RisingStar3110 already)

3. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 4th OP "Period"

Spoiler for Youtube:

Favorite ED

1. Gintama ED14 "Wo Ai Ni"

Spoiler for Youtube:

2. Gintama ED5 "Shura"(IMO best ending song ever)

Spoiler for Youtube:

3. K-On ED2 "No Thank You"

(video posted by RisingStar3110 already)
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Favorite openings:

1. God only knows - Oratario The World God Only Knows (Elisa), Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
2. SOMEONE ELSE - Asumi Kana, Fujita Saki, and Kitamura Eri, WORKING!!
3. My Soul, Your Beats! - Lia, Angel Beats!
4. Down Town - Sakamoto Maaya, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Favorite endings:

1. Koi wa Mizuiro - Yukana, Amagami SS
2. Trust Me - Matsushita Yuuya, Durarara!!
3. Tasogare no Gekka - Yousei Teikoku, Katanagatari
4. NO, Thank You! - Ho-kago Tea Time, K-ON!!
5. Brave Song - Tada Aoi, Angel Beats!
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Last Sinner
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1. Angel Beats - Very invigorating and uplifting. The tempo of this one is perfect. It builds up well then utterly explodes at the chorus. The vocals are inspiring. Pity the actual show never reached these heights, but damn it had good music.
2. Sora no Woto - Bit exotic, soothing, smooth mature vocals. Was a nice touch.
3. Kuragehime - It's grown on me. Fits the series to a T. Vocalist's bouncy, zany lyrics suit the characters. It's simple feelgood but hey, sometimes that's all you need.
4. The Tatami Galaxy - Asian Kung-Fu Generation doing jazz - are you kidding?! Yet it's freaking fantastic and suits the series so much.
5. Ore no Imouto - Vocals catch attention from the very beginning, pitch and tempo really generate the feelings of confusion and longing well. Nice piece.


1. The Tatami Galaxy - The epitome of a series that has been the standout for me this year. It meshes with it so well - it's quirky, mature and really strips one down to the core with those sombre vocals.
2. Hanamaru Kindergarten ED8 - Series had several good EDs, but this one was my fave. It was a gentle cutesy croon with a very light, funny clip. Suited Hinagiku to no end.
3. Angel Beats - Very soft piece that always helped unwind. Guitar and string composition is very well done. Vocals are delightful.

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The Chaos
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Favorite OP :
My Soul, Your Beats ( Angel Beats)
SOMEONE ELSE (Working!!)
Complication (DRRR)

Favorite ED :
Trust Me (DRRR )
No, Thank you (K-ON!!)

haven't seen the new animes yet
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1.) Complication (Durarara OP2) I like the beginning combined with the shots of the city with everyone standing around. The previous episode parts in the middle of the song are cool, and of course, "whoa whoa oh"

2.) My Soul Your Beats (Angel Beats) I think I cheered when it first appeared. The piano playing parts are the best. Also, kinda like Drrr, I like the ever changing part, in this case the mission briefing.

3.) Irony (Ore no Imouto) Maybe I just like changing OPs a lot. Catchy song and with a most appropriate title.

Honorable Mention:
Hiyouku no Hane (Yosuga no Sora)-- for having some pretty, umm, interesting imagery which goes along with it being such a schizophrenic show.

1.) Phantom Minds (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st) While at first, I thought it was odd to have the trailer music at the end, it actually summed up the emotions of the story well enough.

2.) Tsukishirube (Okami Kakushi) It pretty much deceived me into thinking the anime would be good. Anyhow, the song gives off a nice mystery feeling along with the accompany ominous imagery.

Spoiler for ugh this keeps getting blocked by youtube:

3.) Brave Song (Angel Beats)-- Gives off a very nice calming feeling. Probably better than the show itself.

Honorable Mention:
Real Force (To aru Kagaku no Railgun)-- sounds and looks cool. Also, has some nice gearing up montages near the series end
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Favorite OP
Alright Heartcatch Precure (Heartcatch Precure)
Panty and Stocking opening (I forgot what it was called)

Favorite ED
Heartcatch Paradise
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Favorite Op
Working- Someone Else
Durarara- Uragiri no Yuuyake
Railgun- Only My Railgun
Favorite Ed
K-On!!- Listen
Working- Heart no Edge ni Idomou Go to Heart Edge
MM!- More-more LOVERS!!

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