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Old 2010-11-30, 02:26   Link #1
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Chicago
addicting anime

Hey everyone. I need some help finding a new anime. So far, almost every anime I've watched I really liked, and pretty much boot camped it.

I really liked Death Note, Claymore, Code Geass, FMP, Elfen Lied, and Bleach. I also liked High school of the Dead and Green Green.

So, can someone help me find an anime that you think I'll get addicted to?
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Old 2010-11-30, 06:26   Link #2
Manga Addict
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Location: England, UK
Age: 26
Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~. It's got guns, action, drama and mystery.
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Old 2010-11-30, 14:03   Link #3
The Chaos
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Old 2010-11-30, 16:16   Link #4
Haters. Gonna. Hate
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: UK
Age: 26
I recommend Canaan.
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Old 2010-12-21, 07:39   Link #5
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Montenegro
Fushigi Yuugi, no mater what king of anime you watch you'll get addicted to this one :-D. It's best described as anime soap opera, hens the addiction.
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Old 2010-12-21, 08:49   Link #6
Kira_Naruto, the ecchi
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What happens if you kinda hate soap opera ?

Seirei no Moribito
Saiunkoku Monogatari (1 and 2)

If I have to used 1 word to describe these 2 titles... I'd say, Glued to the screen. yeah. I said 1 word.
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Old 2010-12-21, 10:38   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
hikaru no go
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Old 2010-12-21, 14:22   Link #8
Akuma Kousaka
Ichnia of the Pink Flower
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Age: 26
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The Skull Man. It's stylish, dark, and keeps you guessing until the end. And then some.
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Old 2010-12-21, 16:41   Link #9
Me at work
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Location: Dublin, Ireland
Age: 29
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Frome the series you've listed i'd mention Darker than Black and Shiki

And even if it's not similar to anything you've listed I can't help but mentioning Cross Game when talking about "addicting"

From the Cross Game thead:

Wow me and my brother just finished watching 50 episodes in a week
Oh man, I just finished Cross Game. Took me a little more than week, but wow!
I did 35 episodes in a day and a half when i was catching up with the TV airing
With 2 days off I watched it till the end because I could not stop
Dec 18, 2010 (Sat): Episodes 1 to 35; Dec 19 to 21: All the rest.

Roughly three days.
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Old 2010-12-21, 17:09   Link #10
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Join Date: Apr 2009
hikaru no go used up my internet
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Old 2010-12-21, 17:51   Link #11
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Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Montenegro
Originally Posted by KiNA View Post
What happens if you kinda hate soap opera ?

Seirei no Moribito
Saiunkoku Monogatari (1 and 2)

If I have to used 1 word to describe these 2 titles... I'd say, Glued to the screen. yeah. I said 1 word.
Then you'll still watch it heating yourself for it
Soap operas, man hate to love them
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Old 2010-12-21, 20:33   Link #12
SHSL Lurker
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Academy City
Code Geass
Dennou Coil
Kara no Kyoukai
Baccano! (english dub recommended)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Black Lagoon (english dub recommended)
CLANNAD ~After Story~
Wolf's Rain
To Aru Majutsu no Index
Ga Rei Zero
Higashi no Eden
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Macross Frontier
Nodame Cantabile
Seitokai no Ichizon
Sky Girls
Spice and Wolf
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Old 2011-01-02, 08:01   Link #13
Crazed Swordsman
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Age: 23
i reccomend Detecive Conan and Gundam 00
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Old 2011-01-02, 10:43   Link #14
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I would also recommend Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Macross Frontier. You can try Vandread as well, it was addicting to me =)
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Old 2011-01-02, 11:18   Link #15
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
I'll name animes that I have in high regards:

Mai HiME - has a lot of nice characters, humour, action, drama and some unpredictable events and revelvations.

Ghost Hunt - detective series involving ghosts. A lot of new information, nice characters, good story arcs and suspence.

Ga-Rei Zero - well developed main characters, get attached to them. 1st episode blew me away, nice action, humour and strong drama.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - well developed characters, you get attached to them both in good and bad way. Nice story and a lot of drama as well as gun action.

My first anime was Love Hina which I find similar to Green Green.

You can also try GTO, great series about unique teacher.

07 - ghost
has a lot of Bleach seiyus in it and D.Gray Man at the begining is slightly similar to bleach with its main theme of excorsists killing akumas.

Did you try FMA (both seasons)? Good action, story and well developed characters.

You can try Rosario + Vampire since it is fanservice show and you seem to like those.
You can try Soul Eater, one of the popular series.
If you like blood and gore then Umineko no Naku Koro ni will do well.
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