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Old 2011-07-04, 12:11   Link #81
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Originally Posted by Blaat View Post
Third Republic? Bah! Admittedly I was secretly hoping we'll see the siege of Paris and the Paris Commune but with this being the most likely Third Republic that hope is gone (although I have to admit realistically speaking showing the siege and commune wouldn't fit with the tone of the series)
lol,I left out the part where I was thinking "unless the show wants to troll everyone and be set in 1871,be nice and heartwarming and bam! La Commune hits,bad end,everybody dies"

Figured that'd be too harcore of a comment but you've shown me I shouldn't undersestimate the other posters in this thread!
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Old 2011-07-04, 13:15   Link #82
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Originally Posted by Ekureiru View Post
Actually, 19th century France.

Oh, and I continue to keep deluding myself. After all, I'm not a lolicon, I'm also a lolicon.
Oops, I remembered wrongly, my apologies. At least I know I'm not a lolicon, or am I just fooling myself?

I really like the discussion about which France the series is depicting, even though I'm not that much into culture and world history. The author never revealed it somewhere? Interview or something? The author seems to be quite interested in French history, considering she also drew the characters for Gosick!. I'm not sure how much of France is shown in Gosick! and how much of that was from her, but this is a good time to test how much the author actually knows.
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Old 2011-07-04, 14:31   Link #83
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Oh my god yes. THIS. I think I've just found a new "kick off your shoes, put your feet up and sip your tea" relaxathon of a series. After the lousy day I've just had this was just what the doctor ordered to put me in a good mood!
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Old 2011-07-04, 16:02   Link #84
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Ah, so Junichi Sato is series composer. That's why this seemed so nice and pleasant in atmosphere. I suppose I can enjoy the Japanese dubbed French language, which shouldn't be hard, considering that one of my top 5 fave titles was when Sato took a Japanese gymnast to a California city Cape Mary in which everybody magically spoke Japanese rather than the native language (Spanish?)!
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Old 2011-07-04, 16:42   Link #85
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Echoing what the others have said, this series is very, very adorable and heartwarming. No small thanks to Yune, which is so cute and sweet she'll give the average men diabetes. I had several HNNG attacks just from watching Yune, but the preview part at the end when she's eating cheese is particularly lethal. The different setting is also interesting to see, and the art and music are very pleasing as well. I'm not sure where the series will go, it'll probably be a slice of life of Yune discovering her new place, but this really is the perfect anime to relax and enjoy after a long day. Definitely a keeper for the summer season, looking forward for more.
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Old 2011-07-04, 16:48   Link #86
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It's debatable, honestly, whether this is the Republican-era or Imperial-era France.

The description for the series says 'second half of the 19th century', which infers from 1850 upwards. Republican-era France officially dissolved in 1852, following two years of instability in the Second Republic which led to the eventual leadership of Louis-Napolèon Bonaparte (Napoleon III) whose reign would last effectively until the Prussians dominated France on the battlefield alongside their allies in the Northern German Confederation, as well as the secretly pacted nations of Southern Germany, following Austria's quick defeat in 1866.

Now, this does raise a couple of hairs, regardless.

It could be that we're looking at any of the following three settings:

Second French Republic / 1848-1852
Second French Empire / 1852-1870
Third French Republic / 1870-1940

However, I severely doubt it is the first option. Likely the second or third, we can only judge by the historical surroundings we are engulfed in with the series or the very attitude and atmosphere of the nation as we get to see Yune potentially explore more of Paris, or France itself.

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Old 2011-07-04, 16:51   Link #87
Bonta Kun
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After about 1 minute 25 seconds first thought was

I don't really count myself as a lolicon but there are times one comes along and all I want to do is give her the the world's biggest bear hug and never let go.
She's like the wee sister that could turn ya into big dumbass sis-con brother
I thought Alice from Kamisama no Memo-chou was quite cute but she's got squat on Yune here.

Well it's a solid 1st ep, the opening scenes were lush.

Only other series I think that could be as good is Usagi Drop.
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Old 2011-07-04, 17:12   Link #88
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If the mentioned Brunet is really Jules Brunet we are looking at a time span going from 1868 to 188something. However, we have not seen the Eiffel Tower, in construction or finished, yet. So, until proof of the contrary, we may rule out the second half of the 1880s and onward.
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Old 2011-07-04, 18:42   Link #89
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This is definitely on my watch list for this season.

Yune, is... is ... simply too much! 13 years? Talk about delicate... she's about the same size than the grandfather's leg

Production is great overall, altough a few drawings in the beginning hurt my eyes.

Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Can we get a confirmation that the French is legit?
Being a native French speaker, I can assure that all French references are perfect so far: be it signs, book covers and dialogue.

Originally Posted by Major1138 View Post
I didn't try and read every single background sign, but it looks legit. The spoken french at the start and the end is perfect.
I concur, the narration is exquisitely done, and even the few French words used by the VA are well pronounced.

BTW, you'll notice that sometimes the dialogues are sprinkled with French words when they are supposed to speak French or teach her French.

One thing I noticed is the "Gallerie du Roy" - I think the translation into English is really supposed to be "King's Gallery" (or possibly "Royal Gallery") as opposed to "Gallery of Roy". I think they've used the older spelling "Roy" instead of the modern "Roi". Which is pretty hardcore in terms of pursuing historical accuracy.
Yes I also noticed that, but rather than "King's Gallery", I think "Gallery of the King" is more befitting, or even "Gallery of the Roy" if one would want to stress Roy meaning the King of France.
I won't say using the old spelling "Roy" is that hardcore, for it is still used for many landmarks, shops names or cultural events, be it in Paris or around France.

BTW, if you have a chance to visit Paris, definitely go see a "galerie", altough only a few are well preserved and functional, it's really nice to take a stroll trough them, and look at the used book stores, antique shops and cafe.
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Old 2011-07-04, 19:31   Link #90
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Holy crap, I actually understood what the narrator was saying! These French books are apparently working after all

Now I'm not a native speaker, but even if they weren't using proper French, they could've fooled me from how fluent the narrator sounded. I really love the amount of detail they placed into recreating the setting in the anime. Certainly the main draw for me at this point.

Not to say the rest isn't just as appealing. Yune is something that would make one diabetic from constant exposer, so thankfully we get her once a week Nao Tooyama managed to make her sound even cuter without coming off as over the top, so kudos to her. I was pretty surprised to see her do something as give away her mothers keepsake, but after learning her reasons I have to say I grew to like the character more in retrospect.

The episode was largely relaxing and had a very nice atmosphere to it, and even when things began to take a more dramatic turn it didn't venture into being too cheesy. Since I had only got to the mid point of Aria, I don't know what sort of turn the anime might take but if it continues on this wonderful melody, I'll be watching it for sure.

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Old 2011-07-04, 20:15   Link #91
Marcus H.
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Yuuki Aoi managed to make her sound even cuter without coming off as over the top, so kudos to her.
It's actually Nao Tooyama who is voicing Yune. Aoi Yuuki will appear in future episodes as another character.

As for when Croisèe lands history-wise, here are some more tips:
> Commodore Perry arrived in Japan in the 1850s.
> France experienced industrial and general economic decline in 1870.
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Old 2011-07-04, 20:22   Link #92
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Join Date: Jun 2004 Yune really only 13? Then how old is Claude exactly?
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Old 2011-07-04, 20:28   Link #93
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Really liked the first episode, although I kind of wish Yune's design looked a bit older. That last image of her hugging the book was adorable though.
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Old 2011-07-04, 20:47   Link #94
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Good first episode. Yune is absolutely adorable. I only expect the story developed well (cough... fractale...cough).
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Old 2011-07-04, 21:29   Link #95
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Gorgeous series, very relaxing & Aria-esque.

Yune is ludicrously cute.
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Old 2011-07-04, 22:17   Link #96
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The moment she turned around, I was taken cute!
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Old 2011-07-04, 22:37   Link #97
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Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post Yune really only 13? Then how old is Claude exactly?
What do you mean "only?" She looks 10!
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Old 2011-07-04, 23:19   Link #98
Guardian Enzo
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Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post Yune really only 13? Then how old is Claude exactly?
I asked that a while ago, and no one seemed to know. 18, maybe?
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Old 2011-07-05, 02:47   Link #99
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Wow really impressed here by the first episode but also by the quality of the written and spoken french. Spoken by a real Frenchmen for sure. The translations from the french narration to English was also very good except on one little instance at least in sub that i have gotten my hands on.

It's in the final narration, the narrator uses the word "menue" to describe Yune. It's and adjective that signifies she is of small stature. So if she is supposed to be 13 then she is smaller then your average 13y.o. for the use of that word.

At the end when she is also reading from the book their was an other possible error, the wrote goat "Chèvre" as "Che'vre" but that might be caused by the player I was using (facebook) or their type setting. Who knows.

All in all definitely making my summer play list. Now to see if those mangas have been translated into french and are available in my region now.
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Old 2011-07-05, 08:19   Link #100
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With the way she looks in this show, the inevitable romance is going to come off pretty creepy.
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historical, romance, shounen, slice of life

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