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Old 2010-12-21, 14:14   Link #1
Kawaii Desu Ne?
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Phantom Breaker

This has been announced a while ago actually, but I have yet to see a topic here.

It's an Xbox 360 exclusive fighting game with characters designed by Hiro Suzuhira, who also designed characters in Shuffle.

It's being developed by 5pb.
According to Famitsu, it's a crossover game between characters in Steins;Gate, and Memories Off.

So far there is only one male character.
Practically the opposite of MVC3's roster.
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Old 2013-04-14, 06:43   Link #2
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Well, there's no way in hell that I'll ever get a chance to play this... so... here's a Longplay video (Story Mode):


This Mikoto character looks like a "Seitokaichou" type character.
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Old 2013-04-14, 07:48   Link #3
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I am super disappointed by what has happened with this game. The North American version was literally done and copies were sent to reviewers, then at the last second they apparently discovered a bug with Xbox Live and, in the midst of fixing that, supposedly ran into publishing issues. Now it's just been sitting in limbo for a year with the publisher commenting on their facebook page every couple of months that they still have no information to give.

There is a beat em up game with these same characters on Xbox Live Arcade called Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds. They didn't get the same company to try to publish it so it actually came out. It's a pretty decent game and fairly fleshed out as far as beat em ups go.
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