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These are the 150 most used thread tags
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action adaptation adventure alternate endings animals anime arcana assassin beautiful female lead betrayal bullying camping cheat childhood friends comedy conmen conspiracy crossdressing crossing paths cursed protagonist dai no daibouken day and night cycle demon contract demons diet discord dragon quest drama dropped by author dungeon ecchi educational egyptian gods elemental entertainment world erebonia fake harem fanservice fantasy fantasy setting fighting game friendship genben genderbender gender bender gift gore gyaru gymnastics harem harem? hentai artist hero party historical horror horsegirl immortality impersonation incest ink intrigue isekai isekai summoning isekai to isekai josei kemomimi knights knowledge cheat local mc loli love triangle luffy magic maid maid mc main girl wins again manipulative protagonist marriage martial arts mecha milf military misunderstanding mobile game multiple protagonists mystery naruto ninja ntr one piece op mc otome game oyakodon pirate politics positive monster possession prince princess ps4 ps5 racing rape reincarnated mc reincarnation remake revenge reverse harem rock climbing romance romance? rom com romcom rpg schemes scheming mc school school life sci-fi second chances sentai shapeshifter shonen shota shoujo shounen sketch slice-of-life slice of life slow life snusnu sports subterfurge succession supernatural superpower super powers switch time leap time rewind time travel tragedy transformation true harem villainess virgin weak protagonist western witch yuri

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