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These are the 150 most used thread tags
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abuse of power action adapted to manga adult adventure alternate history anime apocalypse assassin assassins azur lane badass girls baseball beauty transformation borderline h bungo stray dogs characters charm cheating class isekai summoning colonies comedy cosplay cursed dark delinquent demon demons deserted island detective dragonification drama dungeon ecchi ecchi. fantasy female lead female protagonist fighting game firefighting furry gacha game elements genben genderbender gore growth guns harem harem? historical horror horror comedy ikemen mc incest isekai isekai summoning isekai teleportation isekai tensei kaijin kaiju kingdom building limited power love triangle magic magic academy magical girl magic and high fantasy magic god mahou shoujo maid mc main heroine bias manga manhwa martial arts marvel mc is a zombie mentally bl mindbreak misunderstandings modern day monsters multiplatform music mystery netori not-harem ntr ntr in progress overpowered mc panic parallel world parody pervert politics post apocalyptic princess heroine privileged main heroine ps4 q&a rape reboot reincarnated mc reincarnation remake romance romantic comedy romcom rugby same world reincarnation same world tensei school life sci-fi sci fi scum scumbag mc seinen shonen slice of life slient anime snk sport sports steampunk strategy subtle romance super hero supernatural super power superpowers survival time leap tokusatsu torture training trap heroine travel trial ts/genben underworld vampire violence virtual reality war weak become strong witch yaoi yuri zombie zombie idols?

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