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by Welsh_Dragon
2012-06-05 11:02
Talk about the anime here so that we don't piss off the mods should they ever visit the thread. ...
2014-02-18 16:09
by Master Assassin
2012-06-05 10:34
Fanworks and other fan-made derivatives.
After some reworkings... Currently criteria include text-heavy based fanmade derivatives such...
2013-10-02 15:03
by Nightmare637
2012-06-05 22:43
Favorite Girl!!!
Sense a thread like this is a must for anime/manga/LN thread so lets have at it. Here you can...
2013-10-01 21:30
by Nightmare637
2012-06-05 22:51
Translation Update thread
Here we can get updates on the official translation being done by NanoDesu you can find the...
2013-04-17 16:32
by Yye1 Go to last post
by Welsh_Dragon
2012-09-03 17:15
Merchandise Discussion
We can use this thread to discuss the manga, BR Discs/DVDs, figures, etc.
2013-02-24 11:21
by Nightmare637
2012-06-05 23:03
New Thread Ideas
This is where you may post and Discuss future threads for the Social group to make it work better,...
2012-09-03 18:01
by Welsh_Dragon
2012-09-03 17:16
Character Discussion and Comparison
I think the name of the thread explains enough.
2012-09-03 17:16
by Welsh_Dragon
2012-06-05 11:05
Summaries and Discussion
Let's start posting summaries on here as well so that people can find them more easily. ...
2012-06-18 21:03
by Nightmare637
2012-06-05 22:47
Questions and Answers
Here you can ask a Question and recieve an answer. To keep from repeating the mistakes of the...
2012-06-09 19:29
by Athena Go to last post
by Nightmare637
2012-06-05 22:56
Non-Text Fanmade Works
This thread as stated in the subject is for all Fan made works Excluding Fan-fiction, these works...
2012-06-05 22:56
by Athena
2012-06-05 16:36
Thumbs proposition
You know, that icon on the corner? Yeah, if anyone has a better suggestion, post it here. For the...
2012-06-05 22:02
by Welsh_Dragon
2012-06-05 16:01
Should post and copy spoilers here out of consideration for those that don't want to be spoiled. ...
2012-06-05 17:08

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