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C.C, Matsuri and Horo,

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  1. Deliberation
    2008-09-30 23:58
    OMG what annoys me if some fan thinks THE ONLY reason we think he is alive is because we want him to be with C.C. Hello? There are evidence that he lives not because we want him to. I don't understand these people. (i think that person happens to be a jealous Kalulu or Shirley X lulu fan) BLEH..
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-29 09:09
    Do not be so humble friend, for we all posses the inner strength to be great, and we will start by showing the boards that Lelouch still lives on!
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-29 08:32
    Whiter, I think you'd fit right in with our group, its called the Lelouch Lives Theorist Group and as you can tell from the title we are like-minded individuals ready to stand and defend Lelouch's life and survival at the end of this series, and if you agree then I would urge you to join our cause. You can't kill the messiah, its just not done
  4. Deliberation
    2008-09-28 06:48
    You have to give credit for the director for this anime. When I first watch I was damm devastated. I wanted to burn Sunrise for sure. But after some thinking.. I realize.

    THEY WANT US TO THINK. And look back. And damm sure I'm going watch back all the episodes and watched them parallel as well. Like example, in S1 25 and R2 25.

    And some said.. the might go into another world. Coz why are there wooden hay stack cards in year 2800 AD? You can hardly find them now. @_@ That's another speculation. LOL.

    I know I have mixed feelings as well~~
  5. Deliberation
    2008-09-28 06:25
    Well I'm a very very positive CluClu fan but besides that a lot of things make sense.

    I think Lelouch has the Code and the Geass thus he is R2. Which explains the title Code Geass R2 : Lelouch of the Rebellion. If he died just like that it wouldn't make sense. The director is very very very smart. Smarter than we think. The more I think about the more I think the ending is actually not bad.

    C.C's last words got me.
    "Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you... well, I guess thats a little wrong... eh, Lelouch"

    C.C has been living for 600 years. For her to suddenly say this doesn't make sense if Lelouch actually died and go to the world of C. And C.C was actually praying for Lelouch. Maybe she's praying she's hoping that Lelouch's code from Charles will be activated so that he will become immortal. Coz this has never been done before so she's worried.

    That's what I believe coz a lot of points are referring to what I believe.
  6. Guilford
    2008-09-28 04:35
    But I'm not sure since she could look up in the sky, I don't know^^ I guess the wish that he is still alive makes it difficult to watch a scene unbiased^^
  7. Deliberation
    2008-09-27 13:20
    Also you could say she got stronger and advanced as a person by experiensing love, I think I stated this like 20 milion times on the forums....
    But we'll mostlikely see it tomorrow, and good grief if it's Kalulu ending...

    Like you said it's maybe it's a good thing that Kallen fell in love with Lelouch. He is after all her first love (one sided). And what you said is true. Made her stronger as a person. I read somewhere that Ami (her seiyuu) said that she's a little bit annoyed that Kallen's a bit too dependent. Maybe after all this chaos she'll learned (coz clearly in Turn 24 she has not learned anything) to be stronger and firm coz Zero/Lelouch will definitely leave an impact for the world to see.

    Same goes to Milly. I think she's partly blinded by her crush over Lelouch love also but maybe later she'll realize that she has to appreciate and look at things around her. Instead of reaching some nonexistent. That's what I feel. Maybe that's what the writers want for Milly's and Kallen's development. Kallen's character song "One More Chance" could imply that's she changed for the better.

    "True love is the determination to sacrifise your own benefits, pleasures, happiness, and, above all, your own love for the sake of your beloved's happiness."

    I do agree but true love is very subjective sometimes. XD But that's how I see CluClu. Yeah I have faith with CluClu.

    And Lelouch's "She's my... she's my... " still bugs me. If C.C is just his friend/accomplice. He could have said it out. But he did not. XD
  8. Deliberation
    2008-09-27 12:22
    But if the ending is Kalulu *shrugs* I have nothing to say *raises hand*. I'm expecting a sudden Kalulu.

    What I feel is the reason why they developed Kallen to love Lelouch because I don't think they know what else they want to do with her character already besides being a tsundere pilot. And also LOVE DRAMAS bring more shouja-manga loving fans to watch this anime. Hence why ...... like soap operas.

    Code Geass has a lot of fanservice mind you to bring in more fans for higher ratings. LOLS.
  9. Deliberation
    2008-09-27 12:18
    Guh I typed a loooong loong message. But it got deleted coz my other laptop malfunctioned. @_@. Anyways I'm kind of a masochist. I feel like beautiful relationships have to suffer to gain happiness. Because to me relationships must have ups and downs. I'm weird that way.

    To be honest. I think it's illogical if Lelouch loves Kallen. I'm not being overly-biased but this is what I noticed :

    1) Kallen is the kind of person who needs constant assurance. Lelouch cares about people very much but he can't tell that person everyday and 24/7. Lelouch is the kind of person who cares but doesn't like/bother say it out. To me Kallen needs a partner that assures her. And if her partner didn't, she'll start thinking nonsense.(Nunnaly is different because in his mind she's blinded and crippled and she witness Marianne death at a young age)

    2) She needs someone that she can 100% trust. Yep she loved him. But I don't think she trust him. Because it's the contrast of their nature. Lelouch wants mutual trust that comes from the heart. Lelouch is a man of secrets and mystery.

    3) She doesn't understand him. The thing he does. ZR and all. Because she's pressured and confused by him. (again he is a man of mystery) She will do all sorts of thinking. In result of emotional pressure, she decided to JUST kill him and get OVER IT. She partly think it's her fault that she "helped" it. But I think there is a mix of emotions. She will never be the type of person who understand the real Lelouch. What she fell in love was the JUSTICE Zero. As simple as that. But he turned out not to be JUST JUSTICE ZERO. He's LELOUCH vi Brittania achieving peace in an odd way that not everyone can agree/understand. (you do realize lots of Kallen fans are blaming him)

    4) YOU know the part where Kallen interrupted the almost hug/kiss of CluClu? I mean if Lelouch loves Kallen. He would have said something to Kallen.. at least anything to stop her/assure her from attacking him. BUT NOOOO he was worried about C.C instead and he KNOWS VERY VERY well C.C is immortal and she's been through worst.

    5) THE only person he seeks sincere assurance is from C.C. In Turn 23, he was like "you know I'm doing this to help achieve peace right?" and C.C replied "I know". C.C knows that whatever he is doing, it's for the benefit of peace she understands his goal and value. And she's the only person that he seeks advice.

    6) Heck the reason why he didn't hate C.C for not telling him. My guess is that HE himself knows he's like that as well. He's a man of mystery. She is too. He looks at the sins he done as well. Hence why the "Witch and Warlock" term comes out. He doesn't blame other people for the path he walks on. Whether it's right or wrong. It's the path that he WANTs to walk to obtain the truth. Same goes for C.C. He understands C.C.

    and lots more but I have forgotten. LOL XD
  10. Deliberation
    2008-09-27 08:36
    I don't know I loved them since season 1. I thought Lelouch and C.C had chemistry ever since season 1 around the first few episodes. I love subtle pairings that build their relationship indirectly.

    Similiar to Devil May Cry. Did you watch it? Dante and Trish. If you watch the anime or played the game during early stages. Dante and Trish were accomplices (and they love pizza too). There isn't any blatant love scenes between them. You can't even tell but they're subtle if you like them together. But around the end (in the game) something happen that made Dante realize that he actually love Trish and see her as her soulmate. (do bear in mind that Dante's a flirt too! which is worst than Lelouch)

    That is what is like about Lelouch x C.C. There is unspeakable chemistry.

    And OMG talking about C.C. When I saw her for the first time. I thought she was some TYPICAL green haired anime character. (I don't like green hairrrrr) And yeah miss damsel in distress with an annoying wheeny voice. But nooooo C.C took me by surprise!!!! She's totally none of it...

    She's charismatic, outspoken, mysterious, elegant, cute.. like you said all rolled into one. Hard as stone.. soft as pillow. XDDDD

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