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Old 2004-09-23, 05:47   Link #1
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Unhappy memories... the story i want to share

This is a true story, its my story. It started in a game (Ragnaok Online), iam a just a mid level knight doing my stuff... Then i met her for the first time. she was a cute little priest, but she was surrounded by alot of monsters, So i helped her, after i cleared all the monsters i tried to ask her what she was doin here (support priests cant really solo in those areas) but she just teleported away. a few days later I saw her again and the same thing happend so i helped her again...
"@@? what are you doing here? priets cant really solo here ~_~"
she made a crying emotion "I wanted a sohee pet... so i came here trying to get the item to catch it with.."
Sohee pets are one of the rarest pets, because to catch one, you need to beat a boss for the capture item, then you have a 5% chance to catching it with it.
since then we bumped in to eachother alot, so we alkways played together. she started calling me 'lil bro' because she is 1 month older than me ~_~
One day I asked her if she would want to meet in real life (irl) then she agreed...
So.. the weekend we met up with eachother... and went to the theme park. She was so pritty, nice long hair, nice body, big shiny eyes and a really beautifull smile...
ever since then... we played RO together every day, and we were havin lots of fun together, me meet up at the same time and same map everyday. Then once day she didnt show up and did dow for the next week. I tried to call her mobile but it was switched off...
just when i hav almost given up on her, a private msg poped up, "hey sorry i havnt been on, missed you alot, come to our place' it was her.... so i went there as soon as i could. she didnt tell me why she was away... so we just went and started leveling again.. (still trying to get those capture items...)
Few days later... i tried to ask her out again irl. but this time... she said no, and she didnt talk much after and went offline....
next day... i waited her her at the same place, she went online and first time she said was." Why did you want to see me again? What if iam not the same as before? would you still want to see me?"
ofcourse i wanted to see her... so after talkin for a long time... she agreed to meet again this weekend...
this tie she looked different. she was wearing a hat... her hair... all gone... and most of all... she looked really pail... it must hav been the way i kept lookin at her.. her eyes started to water, so i quickly grabed her hand a pulled her to nearest food court... i grabed something for us to drink.
later she told me... she is suffering from an illness, and the treatments hav caused her to loose all her hair. afterwards i couldnt stop thinkin about her, i dont know if i was feelin sorry for her ... or if it was something else...
4 days later i got a SMS from her, it said that she cant go online any more for the next week or so, she has to stay in hospital for another treatment. i asked her for the name of hospital so that i can vist her.
i visited her when ever iam not busy. One time i went... she was in bed, she looked even more pail than ever. i could tell she was suffering, even know she is trying to put up a smiling face. she rarely had the strength to speak. soon she fell asleep, so i left for home not long after... i didnt vist her for a week or so, because i was busy with other stuff... then the most unforgetable thing happend....
I went to the hospital to visit her again, only to find that she wasnt there anymore, i thought that maybe she has gone home already, so i tried calling her mobile, but it was switched off... The nurse suddenly came, and asked me "you must be her 'lil brother' she left something for you" it was a letter and her diary. I asked the nurse where she is, i didnt want to think what has happend... "Oh... i guess you dont know... " the nurse held her hands to her chest " she passed away last night..."
those words... i froze, how can i hav just missed her by half a day, i couldnt even see her one last time..... i opend the letter it didnt say much...

Thank you. Thank you for giving me the happiest times of
my life. Thank you for been there for me every time.
Iam sorry for having to leave with out seeing you one last time.

P.S. Please take care of my prest ^_^

i didnt know what to do after wards... i went home.. i couldnt think of anything else.. i felt so lost... i didnt know what to do anymore.
on the bus home. i started reading her diary, hers 2 of her entries

xxx date
I finaly meet him today. his so cute, and his really nice to me. Its the first i been to a theme park, I had so much fun. Mum never lets me go to places like that, just because of my illness. But I think i get better soon.

xxx date
He asked to see me again. but i didnt want to, i dont want him to see me like this, maybe he will start to dislike me. i really wanted to tell him how i feel...

today is the half year mark since she left... i just cant forget about her... and her priest is now level 99 and i hav got a sohee for her... i hope she is happy now...
sorry every for sending such a long post... but i really wanted to share this... maybe it will make me feel better
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Old 2004-09-23, 06:38   Link #2
now with 20% more ego!
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Wow,that's really sad.Geez.
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Old 2004-09-23, 09:20   Link #3
Shiro MS08th
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Age: 31
That's one wild ride for you.
Cheer up brother.
She, in the sky above will want you to be happy too.
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Old 2004-09-23, 09:23   Link #4
I can see time itself!
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I'm sorry for your and the family's loss. I'm always saddened by the deaths of young people when it could have been avoided, especially by disease. If only the leaders of our world could stop what they are doing and use their power to help people instead of preparing to destroy each other maybe this and many other deaths could have been avoided.

Take care and feel proud about the fact that you could bring joy to a person suffering from illness.
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Old 2004-09-26, 22:06   Link #5
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
Wow, I never even thought something of this magnitude is even possible in RL.
I am suprise at how well you guys had became each other's friends. I think you are a very kind person, more so than I can imagine; I think she would be grateful that you still remember her and happy that you took care of her character. I hope that she finds a way to show it.
I feel sad that you missed her parting by 12 hours; it would've been nice to stay by her side.

May whatever RO server you had your characters on be online for a long time.
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Old 2004-09-27, 01:07   Link #6
Strange Love
Join Date: Feb 2004
Oh God, that is just so friggin' horrible. My condolences but, that is just so friggin' horrible.

Last edited by Bullsquat; 2004-09-27 at 02:45.
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Old 2004-09-27, 03:35   Link #7
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oh wow, that story is heart wretching.
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Old 2004-09-27, 03:59   Link #8
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Very heart wrenching. Sigh, Silver Knife of Chastity is such a pain to get...if only you guys could've found one before she left.
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Old 2006-05-31, 08:17   Link #9
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sorry if i just read this... condolences, i really am touched with that story. it makes me sad to think about this story. but i could only imagine the happiness of that girl before she passed away... T_T she must've been really happy.
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Old 2006-05-31, 08:17   Link #10
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sorry if i just read this... condolences, i really am touched with that story. it makes me sad to think about this story. but i could only imagine the happiness of that girl before she passed away... T_T she must've been really happy.
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Old 2006-05-31, 14:24   Link #11
Bishoujo Game Enthusiast
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Sometimes it's odd how life turns out. I hope sharing this story made you feel better. My condolences.
It's sad that she died, but at least her last moments were happy ones. Cherish them.
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Old 2006-05-31, 14:54   Link #12
I will eat your cookies!!
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dude... i feel really sorry for you.. my girlfriend passed away a year ago... it was heart brakening...
i realate to you i guess.... though i never got to see her pain...
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