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Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Anime Cast ***CAST UPDATE 09/11/06***



Reborn : NEEKO (model)

Sawada Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) : Kokubun Yukari (new voice actress)

Gokudera Hayato : Ichinose Hidekazu (actor)

Yamamoto Takeshi : Inoue Masaru / Suguru (stage actor)

Child Lambo : Takeuchi Junko (voice actress)

Hibari Kyouya : Kondou Takashi (voice actor)

Sasagawa Kyouko : Inamura Yuuna (actress, voice actress)

Miura Haru : Yoshida Hitomi (stage actress)

Yibin (I-Pin) : Chan(g) Limei aka Toyohara Satomi (half-Japanese, half-Taiwanese stage actress)

Adult Lambo : Tsuda Kenjirou (stage actor, voice actor)

Sasagawa Ryouhei : Kiuchi Hidenobu (voice actor)

Bianchi : Tanaka Rie (voice actress)

Tsuna's Mother (Sawada Nana) : Fukami Rika (voice actress)

Kurokawa Hana : Ootani Miki

"I Love This Person's Deep, Sexy Voice" - Seiyuu that you have heard recently - - Powered by FusionBB

In post #921 on the archived Tanaka Rie part 56*thread at 2ch, a Japanese fan (ID:tP13smemO) lists a number of characters in anime and games played by Tanaka Rie according to their vocal register, in descending order, from those with the highest voice to those with the lowest voice.

01. Chii (Chi) in Chobits ***highest voice***

02. Meer Campbell in Gundam SEED DESTINY

03. Kujou Hikari (Shiny Luminous) in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

04. Lacus Clyne in Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED DESTINY
"Shizukana Yoru ni" ("In the Quiet Night") sung by Lacus Clyne (Tanaka Rie)
"Fields of hope" sung by Lacus Clyne (Tanaka Rie)

05. Ran in Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales) and Tenshi no Shippo Chu!

06. Simca in AIR GEAR

07. Sanada-san (Ms. Sanada) in UFO Princess Valkyrie (UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie)

08. Mizuhara Koyomi (Yomi) in Azumanga Daioh
"Sorezore no One way" ("Everyone's One Way") sung by Mizuhara Koyomi (Tanaka Rie)

09. Futami Eriko (Eririn) in Kimikiss (Kimi Kiss)

10. Kayama Akira in Uchuu no Stellvia (Stellvia)

11. Karen Erra in Phantasy Star Universe

12. Mariel in Hanaukyo Maid-tai (Hanaukyo Maid Team) and Hanaukyou Maid-tai La Verite (Hanaukyo Maid Team La Verite)
"Voice of heart" sung by Mariel (Tanaka Rie)

13. Tomoe Marguerite in Mai-Otome (My-Otome)

14. Suigintou (Ginsama) in Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden Traumend

15. Matsukata Hiroko in Hataraki Man

16. Sei in Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel)
"Breathe" sung by Sei (Tanaka Rie)

17. Lula (Rura; Rula; Lura) in RED GARDEN ***lowest voice***

Other characters with really low, deep voices by Tanaka Rie include Fila Marik in The Third ~Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo~, Leandra Cheviat (Sister Lain) in The Good Witch of the West - Astraea Testament (Nishi no Yoki Majo - Astraea Testament), and Bianchi (Bianki) in Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Some Japanese viewers on a Katekyo Hitman REBORN! seiyuu (voice actor) thread at 2ch, in fact, have complained that Bianchi's voice is too deep. (And too scary.) They had expected Bianchi to sound like Suigintou, with her comparatively higher voice.

Tanaka Rie's great range and versatility not only applies to her speaking voice, but extends to her singing voice as well. Check out the above official song samples.

According to one of her 2ch fans, at her Cafe de Rie TEA PARTY & LIVE held this past Sunday, December 3, 2006 in Tokyo - Tanaka Rie there sang a number of songs, including three Lacus Clyne songs, "Shizukana Yoru ni" "Mizu no Akashi" ("Token of Water") and "Fields of hope" - it was remarked that nowadays, ever since Mizuhara Koyomi (Yomi) in Azumanga Daioh - Matsukata Hiroko in Hataraki Man, Tomoe Marguerite in Mai-Otome (My-Otome), and so forth - there is much demand for Tanaka Rie's low voices, and much resultant (voice-related) work.

With her high pitched voice, Simca in AIR GEAR seems to be a recent exception to the trend of numerous low voiced characters by Tanaka Rie.

Less Lacus, Meer and Chii ... and more Hiroko, Lula and Leandra appear to be in the future for Tanaka Rie.

In post #824 on the aforementioned archived Tanaka Rie part 56 thread, one Japanese fan (ID:bnYRCJeXO) wrote this about Tanaka Rie:

Kono hito no hikui koe daisuki da
Iroppoi yo ne
I love this person's deep voice.
It's sexy, isn't it?

Distinctive and Popular Voices - Distinctive, easily-recognizable voices - - Powered by FusionBB

Gleaning millions of posts and thousands of threads on the Japanese message boards (anime {animation}, comic {manga}, game, etc.) of 2ch the past few years...

Japanese voice actors (seiyuu) Wakamoto Norio, Koyasu Takehito, and Noto Mamiko rank among the most recognizable and distinctive voices with 2ch posters. When referring to a character these voice actors play, 2ch posters frequently use their real or stage name instead of their character name.

On the other hand, the voice actor who 2ch posters seem to most closely identify with the characters they play is Tanaka Rie. When referring to Tanaka Rie, they often use one of her character names instead of her real name.

And more than for any other voice actor, 2ch posters mention Tanaka Rie's range and versatility, which help her portray a number of highly successful and very popular characters, according to facts and figures, who appeal to various and different demographics: Lacus Clyne in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY; Kujou Hikari (Shiny Luminous) in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart; Suigintou in Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden Traumend; Chii (Chi) in Chobits; Futami Eriko (Eririn) in Kimi Kiss (Kimikiss)... and Matsukata Hiroko, the main character in Hataraki Man (Hatarakiman).

Unlike other manga-based titles, Hataraki Man has no smash hit live action movies like DEATH NOTE and NANA do, and no popular live action television series like Nodame Cantabile does, to bolster the subsequent anime version.

DEATH NOTE (Yagami Light and L), NANA (Oosaki Nana and Komatsu Nana {Hachi}), and Nodame Cantabile (Noda Megumi {Nodame} and Chiaki Shin'ichi) feature, more or less, two lead characters. Hataraki Man has only one lead character, Matsukata Hiroko.

In her starring role as Matsukata Hiroko in Hataraki Man, Tanaka Rie once again demonstrates her knack for reaching out beyond her fanbase to broader audiences - this time connecting with people who do not normally watch anime, particularly working men and women in their twenties and thirties.

Hataraki Man appears to be doing much better than expected. Of all the late night television animation series which debuted in Japan during the fall of 2006, in the Kantou region (includes Tokyo) of Japan, Hataraki Man is a solid No. 1 in overall television audience ratings with a 4.03% (episodes 1-9). (DEATH NOTE is No. 2 with a 3.58% {episodes 1-10}.)

Last week (Monday, December 4, 2006 - Sunday, December 10, 2006), episode 9 of Hataraki Man drew a television audience rating of 5.1%.

(During the same week, episode 10 of DEATH NOTE drew a 3.4%.)

Hataraki Man is well on its way to becoming the series with the highest overall television audience rating so far in Fuji TV's NOITAMINA late night animation block.
NOITAMINA Series Overall Television Audience Ratings - Kantou Region (Includes Tokyo)

1. Hataraki Man - 4.03% (episodes 1-9; 11 total episodes)

2. ~ayakashi~ Japanese Classic Horror - 3.51%

3. Jyu Oh Sei - 3.50%

4. Honey and Clover II - 3.25%

5. Paradise Kiss - 3.24%

6. Honey and Clover - 3.05%
Jyu Oh Sei (Juuousei) (3.50%), and Paradise Kiss (3.24%), two earlier NOITAMINA series, had highly popular, high-priced, mainstream celebrities playing the main character, singer Domoto Kouichi (Domoto Koichi) of J-pop duo KinKi Kids as Thor and model-actress-singer Yamada Yuu (Yamada Yu) as Hayasaka Yukari (Caroline), respectively, presumably at least in part to boost television audience ratings.

As Japanese sources report in Japanese and in English, Matsukata Hiroko sings the theme song, "Eternal," for a television commercial in Japan.
Rie Tanaka sings Mabinogi's CM song - Slash Games

Kenji Ito's Offical English Website

November 30th, 2006

Mr. Kenji Ito was responsible for arranging the commercial music to the game, "Mabinogi", a fantasy MMORPG. He arranged an original composition from the game called, "An Old Story That My Grandmother Heard ", into a vocal theme. The vocalist is Rie Tanaka, well known from the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" anime series and from other projects. A 30 second sample of the tune can be heard through the Mabinogi website.

DVD ::: Advanced Media Network - DVD Database - News, Reviews, Previews, and more...

The Bottom Line: Rozen Maiden has some very intersting characters, some decent dialog, a good soundtrack, and great Japanese voice acting. What drags it down though is the disappointing English dub and the lack of extras, but these don't hurt the series too bad. In the end, Rozen Maiden looks like a promising series. I personally was skeptical at first but came to realize how entertaining it really is. It's cute, fun and full of life. If only the fight scenes were a little longer. . .

The Japanese voice acting is great, the soundtrack is top notch and there are good sound effects, but the lack of surround sound and mediocre English dub brings it down. Forums - View Single Post - Best and Worst Dub Providers?

Originally Posted by Touhou Legend
Three: Hearing the original VA reveals more about the character than dubs because some things simply cannot be translated. Furthermore, the English VA's often cannot support the intonation changes, and as a result the character loses flavor. I recently got vol2 of the Rozen Maiden dub, and Suigintou's VA [Mia Bradly (Karen Strassman)] just cannot do the deep tones. How can you get a tsundere character without the oscillating voice? Just doesn't work... Forums - View Single Post - Best and Worst Dub Providers?

Originally Posted by Touhou Legend
I think you're missing a point here. There are times when the character specific "quirks" do not have English equivalent, and as a result, the character loses a lot of his/her flavor. Again, look back to Rozen Maiden. The ~desu ending Suiseiseki uses in EVERY sentence doesn't really have a counterpart in English. Furthermore, it is important to note that the U isn't devoiced, which is common only for certain areas of the country. All of that gets lost in translation...

The other point was that the VA's have a hard time oscillating when they're asked to go from very very soft chuckles to deep voice intonations. Since I already mentioned RM, look at Suigintou's VA. She puts in a lot of effort but the voice change isn't as pronounced as it should be. The seiyuu [Rie Tanaka] goes from one extreme to the other, with her deep end almost reaching the Red Arcueid tones! As a result, the dub Suigintou loses a lot of the intimidation factor that she has.

Tanaka Rie's unique, distinctive voice and delivery help make her voice acting performances of characters like Suigintou (Gin-sama), Tomoe Marguerite, and Suigintou clone Nomura stand out and memorable among fans and creators of manga and anime.

Higurashi Kai Episode 21 Discussion / Poll - Pages 3 & 4 - AnimeSuki Forum

Originally Posted by Avisch View Post

I have watched the lake scene involving Suigintou and Jun Sakurada in episode 12, "Reiner Rubin," of Rozen Maiden in both the original Japanese version and the English dub version a number of times, sometimes switching back and forth between the Japanese and English tracks on the Rozen Maiden Vol. 3: War of the Rose DVD, a North American Region 1 DVD release from Genenon Entertainment (USA) Inc.

Among other things, the difference in the mocking skills of Rie Tanaka, the Japanese voice actress for Suigintou, and Mia Bradly, the English dub voice actress for Suigintou, is vast. It is decidedly in favor of Rie Tanaka.

Mia Bradly cannot even come close to Rie Tanaka in the ability to mock.

Rie Tanaka's unique, distinctive trademark mocking helped make the anime Suigintou famous and popular with fans inside and outside Japan. Many fans frequently refer to Rie Tanaka as Suigintou or Gin-sama.

I sincerely doubt that will ever happen with Mia Bradly.

Forget Google in Japanese. One gets far more hits - and many, many, many more relevant hits - on Google in English with "Suigintou Rie Tanaka" than with "Suigintou Mia Bradly."

Rie Tanaka's performance as Suigintou is special and memorable. Mia Bradly's performance as Suigintou is flat and unremarkable.

Rie Tanaka's Suigintou has a very charming, charismatic personality. Radio personality Suigintou aka Rie Tanaka hosts a highly successful hit internet radio show in Japanese, Suigintou no Koyoi mo Ennu~i (Suigintou's It's Ennui Again, Tonight).

Even if drama CDs and radio CDs were viable in English, Mia Bradly's Suigintou lacks the charm, the charisma, and the personality to sell Suigintou no Koyoi mo Ennu~i Web Radio CDs in English.

While the English dub voice actress for Suigintou in Rozen Maiden is plain and unremarkable, the English dub voice actress for Tomoe Marguerite in My-Otome is just plain bad and horrible. Terrible.

Rie Tanaka set an extremely high bar in her incredible voice acting performance of Tomoe Marguerite in My-Otome, much acclaimed by native Japanese speaking viewers at the notoriously negative 2ch message boards in Japan, as well as by English speaking viewers elsewhere - not to mention the lavish praise heaped upon Rie Tanaka by My-Otome director Masakazu Obara and My-Otome head writer Hiroyuki Yoshino.

The bar had been set so high that a number of My-Otome fans on English language forums and websites did not expect Tomoe's English dub voice actor to match Rie Tanaka's amazing performance.

How right they were.

Tracy Sutton's subpar, monotone voice acting performance in English as Tomoe Marguerite in My-Otome falls flat, far below the high bar set by Rie Tanaka.

An English dub viewer comments:

AnimeOnDVD Forums - View Single Post - DVD Review: My-Otome Vol. #6

Originally Posted by LinkxZelda
I got this volume about a month in advance. I have a few thoughts about the dub performance. Its not all bad, don't get me wrong, but there are a few odd things.
3. In episode 22, when Tomoe attacks Miyu, was it just me or did anyone else hear her say, "I'll show you what -weight- can do" ... those lines were delivered very poorly. Then afterwards, when Miyu cuts Tomoe's spear, I couldn't tell if she said, "my element" or "my almond". Her voice actor [Tracy Sutton] doesn't do a very good job at portraying the "evil/psycho" Tomoe.

Tracy Sutton does not dub in English the voice of Fiar Grosse, another character in My-Otome originally voiced in Japanese by Rie Tanaka. A different voice actress, Julie Cho, voices Fiar in English.

Tracy Sutton has more than enough trouble dubbing the voice of Tomoe in My-Otome. Apparently, having her also dub the voice of Fiar in My-Otome is just asking too much from her.

Suigintou is the Most Loved Character Champion in NICO NICO DOUGA's (SMILE VIDEO's) 11th and 12th AISARE KYARA SENSHUKEN

Suigintou wins Nico Nico Douga's 11th Aisare Kyara Senshuken (Most Loved Character Championship), held Saturday, January 19, 2008, 13:00~26:00 (1:00pm-2:00am) Japan Time, and Sunday, January 20, 2008, 9:00~19:00 (9:00am-7:00pm) Japan Time.

Nikoniko Aisare Kyara Senshuken (11) Ranking - Final Results
01. Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)
02. Akagi Shigeru (Akagi)
03. Nagato Yuki (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu {The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya})
04. Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden)
05. Hiiragi Kagami (Lucky Star)
06. Hiiragi Tsukasa (Lucky Star)

Suigintou wins Nico Nico Douga's 12th Aisare Kyara Senshuken (Most Loved Character Championship), held Saturday, February 23, 2008, 7:00~18:00 (7:00am-6:00pm) Japan Time, and Sunday, February 24, 2008, 0:00~12:00 (12:00am-12:00pm) Japan Time.

Nikoniko Aisare Kyara Senshuken (12) Ranking - Final Results
01. Suigintou (Rozen Maiden) - 506,166 points
02. Akagi Shigeru (Akagi) - 497,322 points
03. Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden) - 258,515 point
04. Nagato Yuki (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu {The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya}) - 237,147 points
05. Hiiragi Kagami (Lucky Star) - 132,023 points

Voice Acting Queen of Psychos and Sadists, Tanaka Rie AKA Suigintou AKA Gin-sama

Japanese viewers praise Tanaka Rie's great voice acting in Episode 1, or the first OVA, of Mnemosyne -Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi-.

Mnemosyune -Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi- Munemusume 1 Hitome

711 : Kaze no Tani no Nanashisan @ Jikkyou wa Jikkyouban de : 2008/02/06(Sui) 23:34:14 ID:7yT8K6lA
Hisashiburini bokki shita sakuhin da
Tokuni yokatta no wa, sado onna ga bodipiasu aketeiku goumon shiin
Ano Tanaka Rie no meiengi de inpo ga naotta

727 : Kaze no Tani no Nanashisan @ Jikkyou wa Jikkyouban de : 2008/02/07(Moku) 01:27:11 ID:dIl4uMyi
Ano Do S no Yamanobe Sayara (Yamanobe Sayara) no koe wo tantou shita Tanaka Rie tte seiyuu wa nakanaka ii ne
Ano ryoukiteki de kyouki ni michiafureta sadisutikku joousama tte kanji no koe zokuzoku shita

783 : Kaze no Tani no Nanashisan @ Jikkyou wa Jikkyouban de : 2008/02/08(Kin) 00:26:12 ID:18+YnfF/
Tanaka Rie no engiryoku ga sugoi ne
Do S kyara no koe ga pittari macchi shiteiru

902 : Kaze no Tani no Nanashisan @ Jikkyou wa Jikkyouban de : 2008/02/10(Nichi) 03:09:11 ([p])[ID:ETGfe44a](5)
900 : Kaze no Tani no Nanashisan @ Jikkyou wa Jikkyouban de : 2008/02/10(Nichi) 02:54:00 ([p])[ID:OBgb06TO](2)
Yatto ima, bideo mirareta

Noto X Kugimiya ga meate mitan daga
Tanaka Rie no kaien ga hikatteta ne w
Anmari Tanaka suki ja nakatta kedo fan ninatta ze
Ano Do S no onna (Yamanobe Sayara) no koe wa meien datta na

Engiryoku dato,

Tanaka Rie > Oohara Sayaka > Noto Mamiko > Kugimiya Rie

No junban darou na
Mnemosyne -Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi- Munemusume Public Notice 1

711 : Mr./Ms. Nameless of the Valley of the Wind @ Live with the On The Spot Board : 2008/02/06 (Wednesday) 23:34:14 ID:7yT8K6lA
It has been a long time since a work gave me an erection.
Especially good were the torture scenes with the woman sadist performing body piercing.
That sublime performance by Tanaka Rie cured my impotence.

727 : Mr./Ms. Nameless of the Valley of the Wind @ Live with the On The Spot Board : 2008/02/07 (Thursday) 01:27:11 ID:dIl4uMyi
The voice actor who does the voice of that dominant sadist Yamanobe Sayara, Tanaka Rie, is very good, isn't she?
Her voice for the sadistic queen overflowed with that madness seeking the bizarre, and sent shivers down my spine.

783 : Mr./Ms. Nameless of the Valley of the Wind @ Live with the On The Spot Board : 2008/02/08 (Friday) 00:26:12 ID:18+YnfF/
Tanaka Rie's acting ability is awesome, isn't it?
Her voice matches the dominant sadist character perfectly.

902 : Mr./Ms. Nameless of the Valley of Wind @ Live with the On The Spot Board : 2008/02/10 (Sunday) 03:09:11 (p) ID:ETGfe44a. (5)
900 : Mr./Ms. Nameless of the Valley of Wind @ Live with the On The Spot Board : 2008/02/10 (Sunday) 02:54:00 (p) ID:OBgb06TO. (2)
I finally saw the video now.

I watched it with Noto and Kugimiya being the focus of my attention, but...
Tanaka Rie's extraordinary voice acting performance shone, didn't it? lol
Tanaka was not much of a favorite of mine before, but I have become a fan of hers now.
That voice for the dominant sadist woman (Yamanobe Sayara) was a tour de force.

When it comes to acting ability,

Tanaka Rie > Oohara [Ohara] Sayaka > Noto Mamiko > Kugimiya Rie

This is probably the order.

Seiyuu Whom Japanese Fans Consider Good Actors and Good Looking

Jitsuryoku to rukkusu ga tomonatteru seiyuu tte iru no? (What voice actors have real [acting] ability and [good] looks?)

The Japanese poster who started the thread linked to above on the Seiyuu Sougou @ 2ch Keijiban (Voice Actor Synthesis @ 2ch Message Board) at 2ch made it clear that the he/she is not talking about popular leading idol seiyuu types like Horie Yui.

The 2ch thread is not about popularity, what is hot at the moment, who is the most marketable, who sells the most CDs, who has the most "moe" voice and whatnot - which so many Japanese "best" awards in anime appear to be - but instead about voice actors who have real talent and are good looking too.

Ono Daisuke leads among male voice actors who are good at acting and who are good looking.

Tanaka Rie (commonly known by her nickname "Rie Rie") and Kobayashi Sanae lead among female voice actors who are good at acting and who are attractive.

Heard by millions of people around the world as the voice of Pikachu (Pikachuu) in Pokemon (Pocket Monsters), Ohtani Ikue (Ootani Ikue) follows Tanaka Rie and Kobayashi Sanae as female voice actors who are good at acting and who are attractive.

Kobayashi Sanae seems to be one of the more underappreciated seiyuu among non-Japanese anime fans. Along with Tanaka Rie, Sawashiro Miyuki, Koshimizu Ami, Gotou Yuuko, Sanpei Yuuko and maybe a few others, Kobayashi Sanae is considered by many Japanese fans at 2ch to be a member of a select group (ha) of voice actresses in their twenties who possess real [acting] skills (jitsuryoku). (Jitsuryokuha = real ability group.)

The huge forums at Japan's 2ch, reportedly the world's largest, are notorious for their negativism and hordes of "anti" posters who bash anything and anyone.

Notwithstanding the antis, if 2ch posters say you're good, then you're good.

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