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Based on a "Minor" Manga, the Rozen Maiden Anime Has Sold Well on DVD in Japan

Rozen Maiden DVD Sales in Japan

An anime DVD is widely considered to be a commercial hit in Japan if it sells 10,000 copies.

Rozen Maiden DVD Sales Totals in First and Second Weeks of Release (According to Oricon)

Volume | 1st Week | 2nd Week*|*Release Date
Rozen Maiden Ouverture Limited Edition (One Volume)
**1 | 10,355*| 12,462*| 2007/02/21

Upon seeing the first week sales figure when it came out back in February 2007 for the Rozen Maiden Ouverture Limited Edition DVD, a Japanese poster on a 2ch thread about animation DVD sales in Japan wondered how can the Rozen Maiden anime sell so many DVDs, given that it is based on a minor manga serialized in a minor magazine (Comic BIRZ)?

Directing, writing, characters, voice acting by the Japanese seiyuu, etc., may play roles in the success of Rozen Maiden DVD sales in Japan.

From what I have gathered from news and information by various Japanese sources (e.g., "Late Night Anime: TV Audience Ratings < Business" {"Shin'ya Anime = Shichouritsu < Business"}), as well as from a number of observations and comments by Japanese fans, with notable exceptions like Fuji TV's Noitamina block and NANA, DVD sales are more important than television audience ratings for a late night anime show.

From a business standpoint, the Rozen Maiden anime appears to be a success. It looks like it made money on DVD in Japan.

Having followed animation DVD sales in Japan the past few years, I noticed that recently more and more late night anime titles are not selling, or not selling well, on DVD in Japan as they did in the past. Most late night anime seem to be not selling in Japan (which, to a large extent, has apparently long held true).

Rozen Maiden has proven itself to be one of a small percentage of anime titles which sell on DVD in Japan - something which certainly does not hurt its chance of getting a third television series.
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